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[20:14:00 02/11/2020] <> why are you gay
[01:36:44 12/10/2020] <Lil> I can't believe this page still exists. I miss all my old friends.
[19:34:20 03/11/2014] <1> -1'
[19:34:19 03/11/2014] <-1'> 1
[19:34:18 03/11/2014] <1> 1
[01:07:40 26/02/2012] <scott> I googled "Raging homogay meaple porn" and it sent me here, where's it at?
[20:19:01 06/03/2011] <Missy> When are you gonna update this site Mattyhew?????
[20:12:32 07/10/2010] <Minty> This place used to be so vibrant!
[23:23:04 08/12/2009] <Missy> Did we ever take any pictures from our Cambridge meet btw??
[15:07:43 14/05/2009] <MissSpoons> Where are these Brussels pictures Mr Chapman!!! I wanna see what i missed out on ;) Love you XXX
[11:04:57 19/02/2008] <Charley> Hey sweetie - when are you going to update this site? Cant wait to see you soon - love you XXX
[23:42:03 08/01/2008] <webvictim> BLAH.
[09:59:45 24/12/2007] <Charley> Thank you my baby, for being there for me through this awful time. Although we are not together atm you have been so lovely. Cant wait to be with you again after Xmas. I love you so much!!!
[11:21:36 20/12/2007] <the_angry_angel> RSS feed, kthnxplz!
[08:59:07 05/09/2007] <Charley> 3 DAYS TO GO!!! :D
[13:09:03 29/08/2007] <Charley> Oh, and happy 8 months my darling <3 I love you XXX
[11:24:19 29/08/2007] <webvictim> Owned :(
[11:23:53 29/08/2007] <webvictim> How interesting! Ȃ
[09:25:10 29/08/2007] <Charley> 10 DAYS TO GO TIL TURKIYE!!!!! :D
[09:24:47 29/08/2007] <Charley> Update your website boy!!
[17:42:52 27/08/2007] <Noctu> Heh. Whoops.
[17:42:30 27/08/2007] <Noctu> I'M BORED. FEED ME A STRAY CAT. Note to self: &#8238;
[09:11:18 20/08/2007] <Charley> **CoNGRaTS** on becoming an uncle Matthew!! (and a Godfather) ;) Your nephew is gorgeous :D Cant wait to meet him again (properly) once he's out of hospital :)
[20:39:11 09/05/2007] <Matt> I do have a nose.
[17:57:08 02/05/2007] <TuB> Kloopy smells
[10:34:27 11/04/2007] <Matt> Thank you :-)
[09:03:01 11/04/2007] <Charley> Happy Birthday sweetie!!! xXx
[00:57:57 21/03/2007] <tom> are you going to leeds festival this year?? would be good to meet up
[14:30:07 26/02/2007] <Kan3> Omg hello sir long time no speak. Remember Hitchin? lol
[21:03:14 17/02/2007] <Noctu> WHERE WAS MY VALENTINES CARD, BITCH? ;_;
[19:32:49 14/02/2007] <Kloopy> And a very Happy Valentines day to you, my love. <3
[09:05:38 14/02/2007] <MissSpoons> Happy Valentines Day baby <3 i love you XXX
[15:05:46 13/12/2006] <MissSpoons> Woohooooo!! 3days to go till i see you again!! YAY! :D
[08:20:25 11/12/2006] <Thrackan> Kloops! Thanks a lot for all you've done at PA team! Too bad to see you leaving, but hey, everyone needs a real life I guess...
[10:09:24 09/10/2006] <MissSpoons> haha - sounds like a plan!! oooh and can i get a birthday hug too??
[02:57:03 03/10/2006] <Matt> Awww *blushes*. You'll have to let me buy you a drink when we meet up then. :-)
[13:32:34 02/10/2006] <MissSpoons> Hola - just like to say Mr Chapman - UR HOT!!!
[23:24:30 26/06/2006] <a-v0id> Kloopy, mind me crashing some night in July/August. Doing a road trip stopping by at places of people I know. If you don't mind that is. (email me)
[01:19:00 15/06/2006] <Kloopy> Drop me an email with your number and I'll try and forward it to her if you like.
[10:50:52 13/06/2006] <becki> do u hav a way 2 contact her? she changed her no. so we havent spoke for so long
[02:21:18 13/06/2006] <Kloopy> She's living up in Suffolk these days with her fella. Don't really speak to her much unfortunately.
[12:56:16 12/06/2006] <becki> what happened to kele chapman?
[23:40:54 06/06/2006] <me> pull your life together man, really spriling down is easy to do but thats no fighting spirit, get up get out the house and try something new, go running any thing
[17:03:27 29/04/2006] <Arleen> LOL well u lot have to wait til the next March! I wish i was 20 again waiting to prepare for my 21st : *sniff*
[23:33:41 03/04/2006] <lil rich> there will be cake if u bring it Smudge.
[11:31:33 27/03/2006] <Smudge> We need another March Meet. There should be cake.
[12:46:23 26/03/2006] <Arleen> Um so where u been twig?
[00:23:21 26/03/2006] <Rich/Twiggeh> Hi Jas, yes its me, I remember you from the MarchMeet! How are you?
[22:20:02 24/03/2006] <Arleen> omg twiglet, is that joo? tis Jas
[18:47:47 21/03/2006] <Twiggeh/Rich> Fake Edit: What happened to all the MarchMeet photos? Can't believe that was 3 years ago. Seems so much longer.

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