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Mornington Crescent
Chapter One
Once upon a time, there was a lady who was well respected within the community she came from. She lived by the coast, on the south of England. She loved to soak her feet in the fresh on shore breeze every morning, to sample the sounds of the waves and delight in emotional paradise as she walked along the shingle, miles from any other soul.

As the lady walked along in the break of the small waves, one particular morning, her long dark hair blew gently in the morning breeze. The crest of every wave caught the sun and glinted in her eye. As she stopped to stand still and let the cool water caress her feet, she scanned the horizon. There were only two ships out at sea that morning, one small one that looked quite like a container ship, which must have been about 20 miles to sea. The other was much nearer to the shore.

It was a beautiful wooden sailing boat. It boasted three tall masts showing a vast array of elegant sails. She couldn't quite make out the name of the ship because it was so far away.

As she turned to continue her morning amble, something caught her eye. She could have sworn it came from the nearer ship, which was now turning away from the shoreline. It must have been some of the fixings on the boat reflecting the Suns rays on this cloudless day. Her attention was turned once again to watching the shells and pebbles as she took further steps along the sea front. But again, the glinting made her twist to look out to sea at the ship.

A large wave took her by surprise as it splashed up to her knees. The cold of the water made goose pimples stand up on her legs. She stepped backwards a few steps to avoid getting wet any further. As she did so, she caught it again, the same flicker of light. Surprisingly, she could see what it was this time.

There was someone on the deck of the ship. It looked as if they were signalling to her. But as she squinted against the bright of the sun, she could see another person on the deck. A woman, in a long red dress, it seemed. The other person on deck, swirled around to show his identity. He was an elderly man, with a long white beard. She couldn't make out what he had in his hand, but what ever it was, was the cause of the light being caught in her eyes. The man turned to face the lady once again. The man must have been talking to the lady since his arms were moving very animatedly.

Suddenly, the girl began to run to the stern of the ship yet the man did not chase. What ever he was holding, he pointed towards the lady. As the lady took her last stride to the stairs at the back of the ship, she fell over. She must have tripped on something. It was a shock to the morning walker standing in the lapping waves, as a loud clap hit her ears. She was suddenly awaken to where she was. She had become engrossed in watching the deck of the ship.

She felt that she should continue her perambulance, but had a feeling it would be a bad idea. Instead, as if disobeying her mind, her eyes stayed fixated on the lady who had fallen over on the deck. From the shore it was only just visible - as the old man stood over the lady in the dress - that the old man threw what ever he had been carrying overboard.

As if the man felt eyes pounding into the back of his head, he turned suddenly and stared directly into the eyes of the beautiful girl standing on the shore. Immediately, she filled with fear and hatred. She had no idea why she did the following, but her brown sandals were off, and she was up to her waist in the sea. A few steps further and she broke into full swimming.

She swam further and further away from the shingle, nearer and nearer to the ship. She was concentrating on getting there, she knew that was what she needed to do. There was nothing more important. She was trying to understand why. To work out what she was doing. But by being so deep in thought, she neglected to notice the ship had turned to face her. The brilliant white sails had caught the breeze and were inflated. The boat was heading straight for her.

It seemed like only moments until the boat was towering over her. The hate and fear she had been feeling all the way towards the ship, suddenly turned into insignificance and stupidity. What she up to, she certainly didn't know. Something had forced her to swim out to the ship, but she knew, as did all her friends, that she wasn't a fan of swimming and avoided it whenever she could.

From where she was, looking up at the massive ship, she could see the detail that was missing from the shoreline. What struck her first was the sheer size of the thing. She had judged its distance from the beach wrongly. It was far further from her than she guessed at first, so she found herself looking up in awe at the workmanship and design. The decorations on the side were beautiful. There were portholes along the port side of the ship. (She had had to swim to avoid being crushed by it.) The portholes were cleverly disguised. They had been made to look as if they were part of the structure of the ship.

As the ship started to complete its pass of her, she could hear shouting. The lady she had seen fall down could be ok. But there wasn't a woman’s voice. Two men were shouting at each other. It sounded as if one man was being authorative and angry. The other man she presumed was the old man she had seen from the beach. He had a very musky and distinctive voice that shot shivers down her spine. She could only make out the odd few words they were saying to each other; "What?", "Why did you...", "....fool", "You mean...... dead?"

Dead? Just hearing the word brought the fear back into the swimmers blood. Along with the returning fear, she gained her desire to investigate. The same desire that made her put the effort in to just getting there. The idea of effort however, made her realise that she was tired. She must have swum a mile. Her muscles were aching and she was beginning to struggle.

As the stern of the ship came parallel to her, the boat started to turn towards her. She noticed the shouting had stopped. As the ship turned out of the morning wind, an eerie silence filled the place. The waves seemed to stop and the ship cast a large shadow over her.

She felt cold and weary. She was really struggling now, and was using her last energy to just stay above the water level. The water around her was quickly beginning to feel colder and colder. She kept lapsing in and out of concentration. Through a combination of mental necessity to get onto the ship and physical exertion, she dropped into the water.

The cold of the water around her head brought her back into conscience control. However, the emotional and physical tiredness kept getting to her. She fell underwater once more.

But this time, she didn't get the shock of the water to bring her around. She tried to struggle to the surface but nothing was working. She kept sinking deeper and deeper, as if something was pulling her to the depths of the sea.

The water was dark at the depth she had fallen to. The water was all the more colder just a few feet under. She was fighting a loosing battle. She was beginning to loose oxygen from her blood stream. She could see the dark encroaching on her. She began to feel light headed.

She hit the bottom of the sea, and that was the last thing she remembered of her sunny morning.