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Matts Guide to Participating in an i-event
In the past, I’ve taken considerable pushing to get a column onto my corner of the internet. However this evening, I’m sufficiently outraged that I am to write one of my own accord…

Matts guide to participating in Multiplay’s i-events…

I’ll give a brief history. Planetarion attended first at i7. It went to a further three events until at i10 it was kicked out. The rumours go that PAers poured their own beer from the taps, they nicked money and smoked inside when asked not to. We apparantly left so much rubbish the cleaners refused to clean up after us. Depending on how far through the grape vine you pickup the reports the severity of our behavious vaires. Whatever, though, we were bad, and we were not to attend another event.

I don't want to blow my own trumpet here, I know others were involved. But I talked to Wizzo, to Spinner and through him, Jolt. I finally got all the necessary parties to agree that PA would attend the next i-event. i15.

At i15 and i16 we had a great deal of fun. A good laugh. But some of us - and in this column I will not name any names what so ever - caused problems. Some people thought it funny to throw litter everywhere. Some people wouldn't clean up after themselves. Some people were outrageous; playing practical jokes, being drunken fools, pissing people off (not only within the PA community attending but others aswell), abusive to people, not paying. There are so many ways in which we set ourselves apart from other attendants of the i-series.

At i17, last weekend, we're shouting out shirtless in the pub quiz, annoying people, we're getting drunk and causing problems, we're setting off fireworks, we're shouting early into every morning, we're refusing to pay entrance fees. We drive all over the camp site at all hours of the day and night, driving through tent guyropes, being stupid in general.

I could just about pass the behaviour - forgetting the unfriendly stunt against Mendosa, the fireworks and a few other incidents - as acceptable. I wouldn't expect Wizzo or any of the staff to be terminally upset by the PAers for that.

But then we come to i18. It seems that some people are planning to make themselves look like utter idiots. Seems they enjoy to take things one step too far. Where the hell have the last few brain cells gone from your minds? And you know who you are.

The whole idea of throwing Wizzo into the fountain at the event. Firstly, he's not a small chap, he looks well built to me. Secondly, he has an event to run, and he does it very damn well without your input, thanks idiots. Thirdly, do you really think you'd get away with a stunt like that without having the police involved and without being banned from the iseries for life? Where is your sense. You astound me.

And then I hear about the plans to take guns and water pistols to the event. The main idea - the whole idea - of the i-events is that people take their computer. How little sense do you need to realise that computers don't mix with water. Keep your childish behaviour and your waterpistols in your back gardens. Don't come to the event with waterpistols. And as for guns. Even BB guns leave a bruise. If you're brining them to shoot at cans or the like, I ask again that you stay at home and play there. The i-events are for sensible people who travel the country to meet up with their friends. And sensible is the word with emphasis there.

And then there is the peer abuse. The snide comments and the rude remarks. Whether meant intentionally, with meaning or without, they are unnecessary. There are many regular attendants of meets you can turn to for inspiration. There are plenty of the PAers who are kind and gentle and get on with everyone.

I see absolutely NO reason why ANYONE can't just have a weekend drinking sensibly, having a fun time, WITHOUT causing a single problem. I for one loved sitting around calmly and chatting with people I hadn't seen in months. I want the events to be a time when I can sit with friends and talk to catch up since the last meet.

So if you are planning a practical joke, whether aimed at another PAer, at a member of Multiplay staff, at a random attendant or youself, then you have three options. Come along and being your immature self, getting yourself banned and damaging what little image you may have. Option two is to stay at home and have your fun and games with people who appreciate it. Finally, you could grow up, gain some sense and enjoy a wonderful weekend put on by Wizzo and his team.

I might seem to be a little annoyed or worked up about this. But if you take a moment to step back and view things from a mature and sensible angle (one I've tried to stay away from for as long as I could), we, the PAers, have an awful reputation. The thing that would make me most happy at i18, is to walk away without a single piece of childish behaviour, perhaps even to have Wizzo comment on how well we behaved.

To summarise my guide to attending i-events. Please -please- behave. Please be good.

Thank you, in advance.