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Things you might not know about me
I was born in whats now Safeway in Hitchin (at the baked bean counter).

I used to be allergic to all dairy products, quite badly.

My GP, when I was an ickle baby, described me as a "rashy shitty baby", because of my reaction to those allergys.

I can now eat pretty much anything I want.

But I choose not to eat Marmite, I hate it.

I get nervous about long phone calls. I'm always worried that I'll not be able to think of things to say.

Evidentally, I hate having nothing to say.

And akward silences.

I get complete stage fright, even in front of a couple of postgrads, for example.

When this happens, I go bright red and loose words.

However, I can be totally mad, extrevert and outgoing with my friends.

I don't care if people think of me badly or if I look or behave wrongly.

I just care that I'm happy about myself.

In my first year at Uni, I spent 4000 on alcohol and bar snacks.

I'm an adrenaline junkie...

I've never been on a white knucle ride that scares me.

I've done the worlds biggest bungy jump in the World.

I have type 3 of Ehlers Danloss Syndrome.

Because of that, I never did a single games lesson at secondary school.

Despite my mad side, I really enjoy the calm, sensitive, relaxed side to life.

I have a special place on the beach where I live. It's self-romantic. It's the sound of the waves, no artificial light noticable and being miles from any other soul.

I'm really bad at keeping in contact with friends unless I see them all the time.

That's probably because I suffer from "cronic apathy" and "motivation deficiency". :P

I only started reading books properly when I was 17.

The first book I read was Harry Potter.

It took me a couple of days constant reading because I read really slowly.

Through a-level and Uni I changed alot. Before that time, I didn't care about realworld issues. But they scare me now.

I NEED music and friends, especially, to keep me sane.

I go through awful mood swings, over long periods of time.

I can be really depressive and upset for a few days.. and buzzing for the next few.

I think it's my male PMT.

I care about my friends more than I ever tell them.

I find it hard to say my true feelings plain and simply because I'm actually quite shy.

I do try to hint about them though.

I believe one of the best feelings I've ever had is waking up on a sunny Summers morning having spent the night in the arms of a most wonderful girl.

I was once caught naked, accidentally, on webcam.

I've not used webcams in my bedroom since.

I once climbed and fell off the Newbury race course Grandstand after 17 pints in an afternoon. The drinking game bet I had that day was declared null and void.

This was two days before I went to South Africa...

There is a love note from me at the top of Lions Head in Cape Town, ZA.

I should have been revising when I wrote all the above.