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Individual Blog Entry
   at 20:59 on Wed 14th April 2004

Four comments
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by Mac at 10:56 on 15th Apr 2004
Hey man, chill out, take it easy. We're all in the same boat, and we'll all get through it in the end. 25% of 1/12th of the year is hardly worth stressing over, just go and buy a pack of your favourite biscuits and calm down. You'd prefer 100% exams, then?

by Matt at 16:00 on 15th Apr 2004
I already ate out the cupboard of those custard creme things. Damn.

I'm more stressed that I haven't had a proper chance to chill out this Easter. But 100% exams, I suppose, would be equally as annoying. I like the idea of Coursework, really. I just don't like the idea that I can't allocate -enough- time using my elite time management skills to it. It also annoys me that the little time I do set out for it, always goes tits up because of some unexpected this or that.

I think I'll move on to the bourbons now. Hope you're well, Mac. :-)

by Mac at 23:56 on 15th Apr 2004
Now, y'see, all I seem to have done is chilled out - well, not exactly chilled, but I've done a lot of generally partying and rocking out. Things are pretty good for me, although circumstances mean that I have to write 1600 words of HCI tomorrow. It's going to be a massive steaming pile of bullshit, but hell, it's uni, that's what we do.

by Gordon at 15:33 on 01st May 2004
Hey, I know the feeling. Generally as soon as you *have* to do something it stops being fun. This def applies to my project at the moment, and I have this really nasty suspicion that it will happen to my Job. At least for me tho' I'm starting to realise that I'll miss uni. Well, some of it. I doubt i'll miss 'Specification and Verification II' though :)