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Cork to the airport - Home Time - Sunday
   at 22:38 on Sun 19th July 2009
Day 7 (Sunday) Driving Statistics
Distance travelled: 10.7km
Average speed: 53km/h
Diesel used: 0.8l

As you can see from the on board computer stats, we pretty much drove straight from the hotel to Cork airport on Sunday morning. We had never returned hire cars before and since both cars had defects when we collected them, we anticipated arguements about deposits. Thankfully though, everything went smoothly and we had plenty of time at the airport to consume our left over supply of cans of drink before heading through security and waiting for our flight home.

All in all, Ireland is a absolutely beautiful country. I was surprised that even Northern Ireland is picturesque as for some reason I had the preconception that it was a bit dull and bland. I wasn't sure what to expect about driving for 7 days around a country, but the entire trip has been full of great experiences and amazing views. One fact I'm especially pleased about is that I've seen and climbed over the Giant's Causeway.

Despite seeing the bits I had researched before flying out, Ireland has provided so much more than I expected. Not just in scenery, but in the friendliness of everyone we spoke to and in the quality of the food we've been served and how lovely Guinness is!

A long while back, for our 'D' city, we had visions of doing our pub crawl between hotel bars in Dubai and when the plan changed I was initially a bit upset. I felt that Dublin and Ireland might be a bit of a let down in comparison, but now I've completed changed that opinion.

Road tripping around Ireland has been fantastic and I'm very pleased we decided to do it. Driving hundreds of kilometers, staying in different places each night is a refreshing way to spend a holiday. Whilst it's not as relaxing as a week at the beach reading books and drinking local beers, our road trip has been really exciting and I'm thoroughly happy to have done it.

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