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Avoca to Limerick - It's a Long Way - Friday
   at 21:51 on Sun 19th July 2009
Day 5 (Friday) Driving Statistics
Distance travelled: 289.0km
Average speed: 54km/h
Diesel used: 13.5l

Waking up in Avoca, we realised we'd not had out photo taken outside Fitzgeralds, so after another lovely breakfast, we drove the short distance into the village and posed as best we could.

From Avoca we drove along the main roads directly to Tramore, a few kilometers south of Waterford. Tramore is a lovely little town. The sandy beach was littered with nice flat stones so we picked a few up and skimmed them on to the mill pond Celtic Sea. After almost dislocating me shoulder throwing a massive rock into the water, we stopped and had toasted sandwiches for lunch sat on the promenade.

Unfortunately, due to Richard flying home early, we didn't have much time until we had to head inland to Waterford airport. The terminal building is tiny! It has two checkin desks, two air-side gates, one cafe and about enough space left to squeeze a tiny security check area.

Most amusing was the method which Waterford advertise their arrivals and departures on their single monitor display. Rather than using some proprietary airport software, their arrivals and departure board system is a two slide Powerpoint presentation. Whilst we were ponding the lack of detail on Richard's flight, the monitor came out of the presentation, we watched someone edit all the details and then start the presentation again!

After leaving Richard we got back on the main roads and headed north west to Tipperary. As we came in to the town we stopped for the "Welcome to Tipperary" sign to pose for photos. Amusingly, the sign had a comment saying "You've come a long way". No kidding! We'd driven 1458.1km to be precise.

We stopped briefly in the town to grab an icecream. The shops in Ireland that sell icecreams all have big 50:1 scale models of an icecream cone outside so they are easy to spot! Just one of the wonderful things about the country.

Our day ended in Limerick where once again we ate at the pub recommended by hotel reception. Dolans, which was a little out of the city center, served us some wonderful grub and because I'd switched to lager managed to get a little tipsy along with Gus and Andrew. After walking back to the hotel shouting "Fellatio", we ended up rearranging furniture and throwing toilet roll around.

Don't ask.

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