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Galway to Avoca - Cross Country - Thursday
   at 09:25 on Sun 19th July 2009
Day 4 (Thursday) Driving Statistics
Distance travelled: 402.4km
Average speed: 58km/h
Diesel used: 18.7l

We woke up and had the smallest breakfast of the holiday so far, just microwaved sausage, bacon and beans. After that we had a quick trip in to Galway town to pick up some screen wash for the cars, a cable to listen to music in the cars and a card game called Zombie Flux. We failed on all three counts. Regardless, with a banana and a bottle of water, we headed out south west in to County Clare.

Out first stop was in Doolin where there's apparently an impressive 25m stalactite. Unfortunately our day was restricted by a tight schedule and we couldn't wait 45 minutes for the hour long tour. Instead we headed off 10 minutes down the coast to the Cliffs of Moher.

The cliffs at Moher are really quite tall! The visitor centre is built in to the hills which leaves a gorgeous panoramic view over the cliffs and back across the hills towards the Barren. If you've been dragged to any impressive cliff by parents or friends before, Moher is more of the same really. But that doesn't stop it being an impressive example of how cliffs should be formed.
Thankfully the weather was again being friendly and we got some sunny photos.

At this point in the journey we set off on the most boring stretch of driving. From the west coast near Ennis, through Limerick and all the way on 'A' roads and motorway to the Wicklow Moutains.

Unfortunately as we headed towards and up in to the Wicklow National Park, the rain got heavier and heavier until the views were mostly spoilt. Despite the cold rain and strong winds, we still stopped at the marked view points to take photos, much as you'd expect of the English. The photos and views certainly won't be as impressive as the mountains we drove through yesterday in County Galway, but in the Sun I imagine they're quite impressive.

Leaving the mountains and heading to our B&B in Avoca, the rain stopped and the sun came out. After checking in, we headed down to the pub called Fitzgeralds, as recommened by Bernie our B&B host. The pub will be recognised by most people as the pub from the BBC programme Ballykisangel. After eating a lovely meal there and a few Guinness to wash it down, the rain had caught up with us as we walked back to bed.

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