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Sligo to Galway - Everything is Pretty - Wednesday
   at 00:51 on Thu 16th July 2009
Day 3 (Wednesday) Driving Statistics
Distance travelled: 255.7km
Average speed: 52km/h
Diesel used: 12.0l

It's Wednesday which is a perfect day for a scenic drive from Sligo to Galway. The A road route directly south between the two towns takes about 2 hours, but we had other ideas.

After breakfast, we headed out to see the views around Strandhill and back via a set of really really old burial sites. One of the tombs had even been reconstructed within a replica cairn. An exciting 10 minute walk took us via lots of different rock tombs. We had plain rocks, rock circles, rocks in cairns and even balancing rocks. They weren't that exciting.

Taking the coastal roads west of Sligo, we stopped briefly in Inishcrone to take shoes and socks off and paddle in the sea. It felt great to know we'd finally found a sandy beach on our holiday! The beach is lovely but there was a distinct lack of bikini wearing young women.

Nevertheless, we drove on towards Ballina where we grabbed a bite to eat. After refulling our bellies, we journeyed on beside Lough Conn, through Castlebar and south to Lough Mask. At this point the views became quite stunning. Looking up from the side of these lakes to the surrounding mountains made for an incredible sight. As we crossed out of County Mayo in to County Galway, we rose up on to one of the mountains and were quite awestruck with the scenery. If you ever find yourself holding a road map and having some spare time in West Ireland, get yourself on to some of the tiny roads in the mountains and you won't be dissapointed!

Getting back to the major roads and considering it was now late in the day we headed in to Galway itself. What's becoming a well accomplished routine, we checked in, asked for a recommendation for pub dinner and headed out for some food. After we'd eaten we met up with Martin, another Internety person we know. It was lovely to meet up with someone new and after a few quick fire questions about Ireland and a pint, he had to head off to work.

Whilst exploring the pub opportunities in Galway we realised we're visiting during Art Week, some random arts festival. There were a group of German "artists" who'd created a set of three crazy vehicles. One freewheeling, powered by a massive fan, with accompanying flamethrower. The second, a huge modern version of something like a penny farthing. The third was a crazy engine driven car with an arm chair and a driver wearing a flaming hat. It's really going to just be easier to see the photos once I upload them.

Galway, being a student city, is full of really gorgeous girls. I mean really. ;) Today has been an epic day of attractive scenery all round. So far throughout the trip, if I wanted to come back for pretty mountains, a pretty city and very pretty girls, it would be Galway. We've already promised Martin that we'll be back for a proper night out, and I have no intention of breaking that promise.

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