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Day 2 (Tuesday) Driving Statistics
Distance travelled: 269.9km
Average speed: 56km/h
Diesel used: 13.3l

We woke up to some lovely weather on Tuesday, perfect for the touristy day we had planned. After another lovely cooked breakfast, in the Glenluce Lodge, we packed the cars and headed out along the Causeway Coastal Route.

Our first port of call was the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. After a 1km pleasant walk along some beautiful cliffs, you get to a rope bridge 30m high stretched between the main land and a small outcrop. The little island was used as a fishing spot to catch migrating salmon as they passed along the coast.

Unfortunately the hotels so far haven't allowed me to upload phoots but when I manage to, you'll see just how gorgeous the area is. The sea is crystal clear and the cliffs are really impressive. I even did the adrenaline-rush thing by laying down and sticking my head out over the cliffs to see the sheer drop at one point. The rope brige itself is exciting, it certainly swings and the view down to the sea below is almost dizzy. Despite that, it's made of huge steel ropes so it feels quite safe.

After an icecream to cool off from the walk, we drove on to the Giants Causeway. Created by slowly cooling lava, the hexagonal columns that make up the Causeway create a brilliant playground for climbing all over. Some of the stacks are at least about 50m high and all the other rock formations make the place look stunning. I'm really glad I finally got to visit and unlike some major tourist destinations, it wasn't a let down at all. Again, I've got some brilliant photos which I'll upload at the first opportunity.

Unfortunately Andrej still isn't feeling well so we weren't able to make great progress driving during the day. Adjusting our route slightly to make sure we got to Sligo before nightfall, we headed towards the border. Unsuccessfully attempting to find the end of the A2 road to get a photo for Andrew, we found ourselves in the town of Muff, just inside Ireland. Topping up our tanks with the cheap fuel there, we took the major roads the rest of the way to Sligo and checked in at 20:30.

After another brilliant recommendation by the B&B owner to eat at a restaraunt called Fiddlers, we ended up visiting a couple of nice pubs. The first had nice Irish music being played live and the other had pints for €3.00! We've still not had a late night session on the Guinness because we're all so tired by the end of these long days travelling.

This was all yesterday though and I'm a little sunburnt from being outside in the shiny weather so I'm going to go and have a shower, moisturise and then head downstairs for breakfast. Our B&B owner says he'll show us some great places to stop at on our way down to Galway today.

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