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ARound The World in Dublin
   at 15:51 on Wed 8th July 2009

This weekend, along with 7 friends, I'm off to Dublin for the forth year of our 26 year pub crawl. Having now visited Amsterdam, Benidorm and Cairo, Ireland plays host to 'D', taking Andrew, Richard and myself more than 15% through the alphabet.

Joining us this year are Sadie, Matt, Mark, Gus and Andrej. Unfortunately Sadie and Matt are only able to join us for the weekend in Dublin, but the remaining six of us are road tripping around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Our route takes us north out of Dublin, through Belfast, to the Giants Causeway. From there we head west out of NI and south along the coast to Sligo. Next stop sees us travel on to Galway and then west across Ireland, through the Wicklow Mountains National Park and on in to Wicklow. A short journey down the coastal roads will bring us to Waterford where Richard flys home alone. The final five travel north west to Limerick, taking the "short way" to Tipperary. Finally our last jaunt takes us South to Cork, from where we fly home.

In total, we'll be driving about 800 miles, visiting what we hope are some nice B&Bs, gorgeous countryside, lovely dancing girls and a few pints of Guinness.

I'm really quite excited about this trip. Road tripping has always appealed to me and the idea that we're essentially going with the flow and just experiencing whatever we come across is great.

Whilst we travel round Ireland, I hope to update here regularly with what we're doing and what we're seeing. Wifi availability pending, I'll be annotating the posts with a few photos.

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by Mushroom at 02:06 on 09th Jul 2009