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You could be living in Kloopy Towers
   at 19:38 on Thu 8th June 2006

Five comments
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by Neil at 22:11 on 09th Jun 2006
I must be the comment deflowerer.

Take up buddhism and change your perspective on life. Life is just a scatter of problems which only leaves solutions to solve them...

You'll do alright mate, and if all else fails you know you have a place to your parents' :p

Chin up, you're on stage and you're the main performer of this show called life.

by Clare at 09:19 on 13th Jun 2006
At least you can indeed keep the flat, hon'. It all sounds super-stressful, but hang in there, you're doing all the right things! Look after yourself. :)

(And hopefully we can manage to meet up sometime! I hope your weekend in Soton was good!)

by Phil at 00:50 on 21st Jun 2006
Just as a first time finder of this site and with the mention of religion in the air and all the doom and gloom about whats your take on karma?

by ally at 12:46 on 21st Jun 2006
I am reading a paper at work. The surname of the author is 'Kakkeh' I thought that was funny :)

by Matt at 15:52 on 22nd Jun 2006
That is an unusual surname. I hope he or she wasn't bullied at school and that they are now proud of their name. :-)

As for my views on karma... the idea that the choices and actions we've made in our lives go some way to dictating what's in store for us in the present and future? I could very well subscribe to that. If I put the work in at University to get a good degree and I'm friendly to those around me and make the effort to keep those friendships, I'm sure my life is much better than if I had been a social recluse and put little work into my academia.

However you could be the nicest person, always making the right decisions in life and living it to the full, but for some external reason, perhaps the intervention of someone else or through some illness, you're set back by a mile. Karma is a really nice way of thinking about life and it's great to enthuse people to do good with their relatively short lives, but it's not all that simple.

But then I certainly don't believe in the idea of fate where everything is set out for us. For some reason to me, our path just doesn't seem right to be laid out in front of us. To not be in control of our own lives seems to go against the randomness and unpredictability that nature has.

At least that's vaguely the way I have grown to perceive life in the past 22 years.