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"Avoid Alcoholic Drink"
   at 17:51 on Thu 25th May 2006

Four comments
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by Gordon at 18:46 on 29th May 2006
CFS? The diagnosis seems to finger me too :) That sucks though. Those antidepressants better be good because not being able to drink would be enough to make me depressed on its own =P Hope the pills work though...
btw. apparently the pills can cause you to grow breasts - better keep an eye on that :D

by Matt at 11:20 on 30th May 2006
Breasts are "fun". It might look a little odd if I grow them, but who's to know if I stay house bound? :)

I've not actually taken one yet. Which is a bit silly. I've been drinking every evening so far and when it gets to bed time, I don't want to get ill because I've got alcohol in my system. I'm back from my parents now though, so will have a dry day today and try tonight.

by Neil at 11:10 on 04th Jun 2006
Matt! Stop taking those pills. I was prescribed them a few weeks ago for my migraine problems. It made me more drowsey than ever, a week and a half of taking them left me sleeping about 12 hours happily, completely zoning out, even when riding the bike, and in fact it made me depressed.

I was told to progressively up the dosage, 1 pill a night for the first week, 2 for the second.. 3 for the 3rd. If you want to feel worse than you already do, keep on them. :D

by Matt at 01:36 on 06th Jun 2006
I'm happily sleeping 12 hours a night at the moment, I don't feel too down to be honest. But I've only been taking them for 6 days. Apparantly they take time to come to full effect.

I'll keep an eye out for anything untoward, thanks for the heads up. But even if it helps me sleep for ages and I wake up feeling refreshed then I'm happy to do that for a while.