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   at 19:00 on Fri 12th May 2006

Four comments
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by mad_gemma at 03:20 on 14th May 2006
I know what you mean; Ive had a rough week too.. How about coming to my flatwarming when me and housemateJo manage to move into our shiney new rented flat? its REALLY lush! :D

hope you feel better soon!

by Clare at 09:59 on 14th May 2006
Doh! I empathise, although that doesn't really help either... the holiday in Spain might, though!

Take care.

by Neil (a.k.a. a-v0id) at 17:19 on 14th May 2006
You know... there is a Spaniard amungst us! Also, just happens to have a place for you to stay at.

*whistles and wanders off*

Do not doubt the qualification and knowledge of NHS doctors mate, they're equally well trained, and infact probably better than those doctors working privately.... ironic as it sounds most doctors with blemishes on their records work privately, since the NHS wont toucht them, from what I've heard.

"If you're lonely and need a friend, just call out [strike]my[/strike] someone else's name"

by Matt at 00:45 on 24th May 2006
I'm waiting to get a diagnosis from the doctors before I take time out. I think it would take the piss a bit with work if I went on the holiday during my diagnosis process.

But if you fancy a holiday drop me an email! :-)