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More Blood Tests
   at 12:24 on Thu 4th May 2006

Seven comments
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by allykins at 17:40 on 04th May 2006
:( poo poo and more poo.
when do you need to go to lister? i can lift you if im not working -- or have you already had them?
someone please tell me what w00t means. nonody here knows..... im so confused.

by Matt at 20:07 on 04th May 2006
Thank you for the offer. That would be very nice. Public transport there doesn't appear to be too good.

And w00t. Erm, it's just a term of "hooray" or excitement. It's generally "I'm glad!". It started in geek circles I'm sure. :D

by Clare at 08:47 on 05th May 2006
Ugh, it's really rough that this has been dragging on for so long. :( Fingers crossed for the private dude being able to turn some news up for you!

by ally at 14:24 on 05th May 2006
when you need lifting matteus?
I am working with bugs again now so tell me when and ill see what i can do

by Matt at 18:25 on 05th May 2006
Hello. I stopped being lazy and I got a bus. I've had my blood taken now! But you're so kind! *hug* :D

by Neil-san (a.k.a. a-v0id) at 23:27 on 11th May 2006
My prognosis is MCD*, last person I met with that died in 6 months of finding out!!!

As for my NGS**, still writhing in pain and tried everything from hospital trips to acupuncture, countless pills and nasal sprays and even antidepressants. Hopefully i'll be sent to a optical-neurologist next.

MCD* Matt Chapman Disorder - fatal lazy guts symptons with little life expectancy :P
NGS** Neil Gonzalez Syndrome - chronic migranes, short term memory loss, visual disturbances and irritability.

by Matt at 00:46 on 24th May 2006
I've not tried Acupuncture, but it's been recommended. To be honest I'm not really inclined to try anything but sit at home and do as little as possilbe. Any exersion makes me feel quite crap. At least I don't have the migranes and visual problems, the memory loss though... :/