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Southampton Beer Festival
   at 22:01 on Sun 29th May 2005

Seven comments
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by mad_gemma at 17:11 on 30th May 2005
\o/ for beer fest

some of the guys from work are thinking of going too - any idea which day u were thinking of, or are u gonna hit up all 3?

by Matt at 18:29 on 30th May 2005
Probably just the non-entertainment Friday lunchtime. No entrance fee and no loud music that we can't talk over... We need to discuss these beers!

by mad_gemma at 19:06 on 30th May 2005
DOH! the only one that I cant make :(


ill have to go with the people from work then.. :)

tho we are talking teh Thursday so we can run the supply out or something :) I still have that pic that made it into the paper somewhere from last year :)

by Matt at 19:14 on 30th May 2005
Evil Rich has some presentation on Friday, I've now learnt. So we might have to go for one of the paid days.

Time will tell. Got exams to worry about first. But I believe tickets are running out VERY fast.

by Matt at 19:19 on 30th May 2005
Oh, and Chris is working at the Cube that night, so is a bit dubious about drinking at lunch time.

by Mac at 20:29 on 30th May 2005
Oh my god, you've made me so happy Matt.

by Evil Rich at 20:03 on 31st May 2005
Whoa, don't worry about that conference thing. I'll tell Tommy K. that I have an operation on that day. Or something. Yeah, a liver-ectomy. Any time's good with me.