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I'm Shit.
   at 13:35 on Thu 5th May 2005

Eight comments
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by Matt at 13:51 on 05th May 2005
You see, I even started a sentence in that post with "And". Tsk.

by mad_gemma at 14:06 on 05th May 2005

poor matt... *pats*

well as I seem to have nothing to do in evenings, and already have one dissertation to look at, if you require another pair of eyes Im willing to proofread if you need it :) dont feel obliged tho :P

by Evil Rich at 23:31 on 05th May 2005
Tech writing is easy. Step one: Say something obvious. Elaborate on it a little, and then spend twenty seconds on Google Scholar finding somebody else who says something similar. Add a corollary that makes it look like you agree, but have thought of something further. Two: Plan the document as a presentation. Thinking the document through from headlines down to bullet points should give you enough structure to be able to turn bullet points into paragraphs and just eat away at the word count. Finally: use the phrases notwithstanding, wherewithal, subject to, and thusly with out fear. Also, remember to pepper with equations that are patently obvious, but look impressive no matter how tenuously connected to the subject at hand.

by Mac at 11:13 on 06th May 2005
I'm the same, don't worry, it's all going to be fine. It's all going to be ok. It's fiiiine.

by Gordon at 00:04 on 07th May 2005
My solution: go to a beer festival, get drunk, insult some teenagers and get one of them to hit you around the head with a brick. Get seriously concussed and use this as an excuse for writing a shit report and also not entering any exams.

by Gordon at 00:05 on 07th May 2005
I think your site is a bit confused :) It says "Zero Four" but its blatantly "One Four" at the moment

by Matt at 11:03 on 09th May 2005
I've checked. There are no beer festivals before Thursday! :/ Hope you're doing well these days, Gordon.

by Andrew at 16:35 on 09th May 2005
If there are no beer festivals in existance then it is your responsability, nay, duty to plan your own.

Incidentally I think pretty well everyone considers anything they've ever written to hand in to be a piece of crap. Roll on the day when you can just think what you want to say, and hand in what you actually mean.