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End of Uni
   at 18:39 on Fri 11th February 2005

Four comments
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by Mac at 21:22 on 11th Feb 2005
I know how you feel Matt, I'm the same - education just seems a bit of a joke these days. It's a problem though, because the lifestyle is far too fantastic to leave behind. I won't be changing my ways when I leave for as long as possible...

by mad_gemma at 02:46 on 12th Feb 2005
being a recent graduate, dude, trust me, make the most of the time you have left at uni. Going out on a weeknight takes its toll on you

But still, great to see you tonight, we need to catch up properly at some point :)

by Matt at 12:03 on 12th Feb 2005
Was good to see you too, Gemma. I shall make the most of my time here, certainly; I've just had 3 gigs in 6 days. :P

Likewise Mac, I hope that grown up post-Uni life is prepared for me bringing the Uni style of life through to it. :)

by Andrew at 10:56 on 13th Feb 2005
As Gemma said - make the most of these last few months and no matter how hard you try it's difficult, nay impossible to have the same style of lifestyle on the outside world. I think I've mentioned to you at least once that I miss being at uni, although the concept of pay day being more than twice a year, and not having to pay that money back, is a nice one.