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Posts from 01st Jun 2007 to 30th Jun 2007.
RIP Scruffy
   at 20:19 on Wed 13th June 2007
One of the other things I'd like to say is how upset I was when the family dog Scruffy had to unfortunately be put down.

We first got her in 1994, when we were living in Hitchin. I remember at the time being all stroppy about being "forced" to walk the dog when I'd rather be playing computer games. But as I grew up and matured I realised what a special animal she really was.

She was a Berger de Picardie breed and everyone loved her. I have numerous memories of randoms walking up and asking what mix she was. When this happens in somewhere that attracts posh snobs it's fantastic to be able to say actually she's a pure breed from the Picardy region in France.

Scruffy was always good fun and when we moved to Southwold, despite massive problems she had with allergies and her skin, she was invariably happy. You could tell that running along the beach and sitting, watching the world go by at the beach hut, were her favourite things in the world.

But over the past months she developed a cancerous lump in her leg. It was successfully operated on with a fantastic recovery, despite her age of 13 human years. However it quickly transpired that we had caught the problem too late.

She began to have severe visible problems with things like jumping on to my parents bed every morning, or getting into the car and she was walking in to walls and sitting staring into nothingness as she fitted. Thankfully these symptoms were short lived.

Last Thursday she deteroriated badly and my parents made the heart crushing decision to call the vet and say it was time to end her life. At the vetinary surgery as Scruffy was put down even her vet James was in tears.

I went to up to Southwold last weekend to see my parents and we all went down to the beach hut to place a plaque where she spent many hours laying and observing the world.

Scruffy could not have had a more beautiful end to her life, though. In the last few weeks she had forgotten how to kiss (she always used to lick your nose if you asked her for a kiss) but just seconds before she closed her eyes for the last time she gave my Mum three kisses as if to say she was ready.

Thank you Scruffy, you brought many smiles and happiness to so many people, least of all your family. Rest in peace.

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A Fridge
   at 20:04 on Wed 13th June 2007
So I've not written for ages for one reason or another. I'll summarise my health, for the record... I'm not improving but I'm steady. I'm at the stage where I can bear the sickness and dizziness if I look after myself and put some restraints on what I do. If I push myself I start to feel really shit again but at least I'm not as bad as I was back when I first fell ill and I'm not getting any worse... touch wood.

Anyway, there are a couple of things I'd like to chat about... The first is a gripe I have with the UK chain hotels. I'm currently staying in the "Express by Holiday Inn" in Stevenage. Whilst I'm away from home I've got nothing much better to do with my evenings than to work on the project I'm primarily in the office for.... But sacrificing my evenings in this manner requires a compromise. The compromise is a nice cold beer or four.

Whilst I sat with my 3 pint of Grolsh in the hotel bar, I figured I could put a couple of these on expenses if I were cheeky but it's a hideous price to pay and the bar isn't the best place to knuckle down for an evenings work. So I thought I could get some beers from Tesco and drink those... which is where my problem arises.

The beer in Tesco is not chilled and I want cold beer. Because the hotel chains in the UK really aren't all that great they don't supply fridges. Really... a hotel who's main trade is business travellers and no provisions for keeping drinks chilled, it's insane.

So I set my mind thinking and I can now present to you the "Kloopy DIY Hotel Chain Fridge"...

Step 1) All these sort of hotels have a supermarket nearby. Get checked in and dump your luggage and set out to find the shop. On arrival purchase the following items:

Step 2) Having aquired your "Value Washing Up Bowl" and "Ice Cubes" promtly return to your hotel room. Open the bag of ice and place in to the bowl. Using the bathroom tap fill the bowl to about 50% capacity.

Step 3) Place your warm beer from the isles of your chosen supermarket into the water. I can confirm that within about 10 minutes of completing this stage, your beer will be suitably cold for consumption.

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by Andrew at 22:56 on 13th Jun 2007
They do have a reason for not providing fridges to keep your drinks cooled which you've already mentioned in this post... If people will pay the 3/pint they're charging then they can charge it and have no commercial interest in doing otherwise :)

by DEATH2 at 10:45 on 14th Jul 2007
ah, the good old camping fridge. Good idea Matt.

btw it's aisle not isle in a supermarket.