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Posts from 01st May 2007 to 31st May 2007.
Spinner Fed Me Caviar!
   at 19:57 on Tue 1st May 2007

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by Spinner at 23:55 on 01st May 2007
Hehe, it was a great weekend mate, and I am glad you enjoyed yourself :)
I will certainly remember to bring som more of that caviar you liked so much next time I pop by England, so we can have fun with it again ;)
You were such a sweet couple together too, and it was great to finally get to meet you after all these years! And Miss Spoons, you rock for planning and going through with the whole thing :) Take good care of her, Kloopy!

I'll send over some more goat-cheese as well, of course :)

Oh, and by the way, the 3 towns on Mjøsa are called Hamar, Gjøvik and Lillehammer, not Ringsaker. But hey, who cares, we had fun, we got to show you a piece of Norway and we finally met.
I hope we meet again soon.

by Clare at 09:33 on 04th May 2007
Wow - what a super birthday treat! It was fun to read about it and see your photos - I want to visit Norway now!

Yay you!

by Stuart at 21:09 on 04th May 2007
wow :)

by Mushroom at 04:02 on 10th May 2007
That's so cool.
One of my biggest PA regrets is that I never got to meet any of the original creators, but then, I wasn't as closely involved with them as you were anyway!

Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

by Noctu at 17:47 on 13th May 2007
Bah! You should have come to Bournemouth.

I'd have shown you our local cuisine of a pint at Sarah's pub, followed by a kebab. And possibly a fight for entertainment.

by reyhan at 22:27 on 19th May 2007
hey kloopy,

are you going to provide an RSS feed for your blog? it would make my life easier :)


rey aka. yam

by Clare at 17:46 on 23rd May 2007
I'd second that request for an RSS feed, btw :)

by the_angry_angel at 12:13 on 07th Jun 2007
You lucky bastard!

You marry that girl now ;)