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Posts from 01st Mar 2007 to 31st Mar 2007.
Sexual Health
   at 21:55 on Mon 12th March 2007
I realise it's a taboo subject and something that most people consider rather personal, but it's only by conforming to that mindset that we stay ignorant... A couple of weeks ago I went for an appointment at the Chelmsford sexual health clinic for a complete sexually transmitted infection screening. It was today I had to phone for the results.

The tests consisted of a blood test, normal run off the mill vial of blood taken; a urine test, again a standard pee into this beaker instruction; and a swab from just inside the penis, uncomfortable but certainly not painful. Together, these three tests screen for all the known STIs. I was in the clinic for about a couple of hours in total and the results took 2 weeks to come through.

I have to say I'm rather impressed with the NHS. This whole service is provided free of charge and all the staff involved were efficient and helpful and extremely sensitive about the whole thing. My inexperience of the process wasn't frowned upon or belittled; everything was explained to me carefully.

Thankfully the results all came back clear, but don't get your hopes up because I'm not sleeping with you. ;-)

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by MissSpoons at 09:18 on 13th Mar 2007
Hmmm well i came back all clear too - will you sleep with me?? *looks hopefull*

by Matt at 09:49 on 13th Mar 2007
*quietly giggles to himself*
Just you wait...

by Stu at 22:53 on 21st Mar 2007
Hmms. With all these requests, I think Matt may need a shag-double.. Sounds like a tough job but I'm willing to give it a go :p

by Clare at 15:16 on 11th Apr 2007
Utterly unrelated to the above - happy birthday!

Also, you should get your ass on Facebook. It is good!

Have a lovely day :) xx

   at 18:50 on Fri 2nd March 2007
I've packed my computer, my desk, my chair and my clothes... I'm just waiting for Chris to arrive. He's my designated showfur for this evening. I even have a box of chocolates to keep him entertained with.

AHA! I hear the door bell. I best get the car packed and get moving!


[Edit: According to Charley I've misspelt the word chauffeur!]

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Exciting News
   at 15:13 on Fri 2nd March 2007
It's a bit like a sweet love film really... We open on a guy and a girl typing to each other in an online chat room. They look at each others profiles and like what they see. They get on well and make each other laugh. Conversation leads to her inviting him to Alton Towers for a fun day out. They spend all day flirting and wishing they were holding hands or kissing.

Then it's his turn to invite her to his, staying over for the night. A few drinks out in Birmingham city center with a few friends and it's back to his place for some poker and more drinks. She agrees to stay in his bed for the night and they both wake up with smiles on their faces.

One month later, over the Christmas period they meet each others parents and spend more quality time together. On the 29th, just before the new year they agree to make their relationship official and the new year brings them closer. They start travelling to each others houses every weekend, as soon as they finish work and they can't get enough of each other.

They choose their kids names, discuss marriage and having a life together. February goes past and she sends him a beautiful hand made Valentines card. And then, on their 2nd month anniversary he gets a phone call when he's in the kitchen. She asks him to move in with her and he accepts. His heart beats fast as he makes excited discussion with his flat mate and friends and arranges that the veey next day, he'd move his belongings and move in.

What happens next, I've no idea but so far this is the best film ever. I'm moving in with my love, my Charley. It's yet another address change; the banks would be better off setting up a PO box for me. I can't wait. I'm actually buzzing with excitement.

I'm on the train to Birmingham now to pack, I should arrive at about 14:30 which gives me about 4 hours to pack before Chris arrives to drive me down to Chelmsford. What a rush! Tonight, I'll begin what could possibly be spending the rest of my life living with her. :-)

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by Niki at 17:41 on 02nd Mar 2007
Really happy for you Matt :D xx

by Stu at 23:52 on 03rd Mar 2007
Hmms. This appears to be good news, and when there's good news there's normally cake.. I really think there needs to be some cake based involvement here :)

by Clare at 08:53 on 04th Mar 2007
Wow, and also, awww! We must meet this wonderful girl. I demand that you bring her to Southampton immediately!

Or more - that's awesome. It's lovely to 'hear' you writing so enthusiastically. What an exciting time! Best of luck, and keep us updated. And DO tell me when you're next in town. :)

by Mac at 20:52 on 03rd Apr 2007
Hey Mat, it's been a while! Glad to hear stuff is going well and all that. Far too much to talk about in a blog comment, but yeah, hi!