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Posts from 01st Mar 2007 to 31st Mar 2007.
Sexual Health
   at 21:55 on Mon 12th March 2007

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by MissSpoons at 09:18 on 13th Mar 2007
Hmmm well i came back all clear too - will you sleep with me?? *looks hopefull*

by Matt at 09:49 on 13th Mar 2007
*quietly giggles to himself*
Just you wait...

by Stu at 22:53 on 21st Mar 2007
Hmms. With all these requests, I think Matt may need a shag-double.. Sounds like a tough job but I'm willing to give it a go :p

by Clare at 15:16 on 11th Apr 2007
Utterly unrelated to the above - happy birthday!

Also, you should get your ass on Facebook. It is good!

Have a lovely day :) xx

   at 18:50 on Fri 2nd March 2007

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Exciting News
   at 15:13 on Fri 2nd March 2007

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by Niki at 17:41 on 02nd Mar 2007
Really happy for you Matt :D xx

by Stu at 23:52 on 03rd Mar 2007
Hmms. This appears to be good news, and when there's good news there's normally cake.. I really think there needs to be some cake based involvement here :)

by Clare at 08:53 on 04th Mar 2007
Wow, and also, awww! We must meet this wonderful girl. I demand that you bring her to Southampton immediately!

Or more - that's awesome. It's lovely to 'hear' you writing so enthusiastically. What an exciting time! Best of luck, and keep us updated. And DO tell me when you're next in town. :)

by Mac at 20:52 on 03rd Apr 2007
Hey Mat, it's been a while! Glad to hear stuff is going well and all that. Far too much to talk about in a blog comment, but yeah, hi!