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Posts from 01st Feb 2007 to 28th Feb 2007.
   at 19:26 on Wed 14th February 2007
There are 7 days a week. For about two of them one can be quietly confident to be in the pub with friends. However, during the week friends are generally working (at least for us ex-student types).

So this leaves us with 5 evenings a week to find entertainment. The Internet can quickly become boring... You've read all the funny websites, seen all the silly images and watched as much porn as your retinas can take. Now I've never been a fan of the telly but it's a great time wasting device. It requires no mental effort to watch and can provide the odd giggle or two. I'm a devout follower of 24, Lost, Scrubs and Top Gear. I can't off the top of my head think of any other decent television programmes.

Assuming one gets bored about 7pm after returning home from work and cooking and eating supper, that leaves about 4 hours until an 11pm bedtime.

So what I'd like to suggest is we scrap all the shit on the telly and give all the spare funds to the production teams on those 4 programmes. We charge them with the task of producing 5 hours of their shows per week. That's 5 episodes of 24, 5 episodes of Lost, 5 episodes of Top Gear and 10 episodes of Scrubs.

These 25 hours of programming would be released on Monday morning at just after midnight available for download or via "On Demand" cable/satellite. We can then spend our 5 evenings a week being bored watching the television.

I could, I suppose, alternatively spend my evenings reading some nice books or indeed spend all 7 evenings at the pub. :-)

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by Woody at 19:16 on 19th Feb 2007
Two months we've waited for that ;)

Imagine how much more confusing Lost would become if they had more money to spend on it.

And how much more of a catering budget they'd have for Hurley.