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Posts from 01st Dec 2006 to 31st Dec 2006.
Busy December
   at 00:09 on Tue 19th December 2006
I hate making posts that are "I did this, then this." but I set out to use this website as a public diary before the concept of blogs entertaining their readers was even about... so here goes:

Having pledged to take life calmly until I feel a bit better, I've had a hectic December. The first weekend I was up at my parents setting up the Christmas lights with Chris on their house... it's now the brightest thing in Southwold... link to picture

The second weekend I went down to Eastleigh to visit Evil Richard with Andrew and Little Rich. The weekend was brilliant, I met up with Big Rich aswell and visited a few of the old haunts.

This weekend was also awesome. I've been getting to know this wonderful girl, Charley, from the game Manager League which I've been playing for a while now. She came to visit along with my colleague and friend Gus. We went out on Saturday night in Birmingham city center for a few drinks and came back here. Unfortunately one thing lead to another and I got very little sleep indeed. :-)

And now it's Tuesday morning, Little Rich has just left having brought his Wii round for the evening. What an amazing console it is! I think from just a couple of hours I've got a bit of "Wii arm".

Later today I've got to grab a train down to Stevenage for I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss progress on a huge new project we're doing at work. Then having stayed in the hotel Tuesday night, I'm training up to my 'rents for Christmas where hopefully, fingers crossed, I'll get to relax for a bit.

Then, via Charley's for a night, it's back to Birmingham for New Year with my fingers crossed for a more healthy 2007.

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by Clare at 07:34 on 19th Dec 2006
Busy times indeed! Sorry I missed you in Soton, I'm sure we'll catch each other one day ;) And meanwhile, glad you're having fun - have an awesome Christmas and New Year!

by mad_gemma at 22:27 on 19th Dec 2006
You didnt mention me whilst here :P

by Laura at 00:26 on 25th Dec 2006
Have a great Christmas! Figure this is the only way to contact you :p
Say hi and Merry Christmas to your parents.

by Big Rich at 21:50 on 30th Dec 2006
Hey Matt,

Your parent's house looks cool! I think you have the balance right - many people put up too much lighting and turn their homes into eyesores. I hope you enjoyed Xmas, and have a good New Year!