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Posts from 01st Nov 2006 to 30th Nov 2006.
Plants Have Feelings
   at 18:13 on Thu 30th November 2006
I have admitted defeat. I'm a killer. My beautiful Dragon Tree that I was so proud of owning has officially died. I admit; it was because I didn't treat it perfectly. Apparantly I've overwatered it and underwatered it during it's life, I've let it starve and I failed at repotting it.

Whilst I knelt there, infront of my plant, I felt really sorry. I felt like I'd done something awful and that the plant was wilting in pain and, if possible, would cry it's tear of death. I was actually sad.

But then today I've been thinking more on the subject and I don't feel so bad. I remember all the years that my parents have taken my sister and I out to chose the Christmas tree. We go around loads of fields from loads of tree suppliers finding a Christmas tree that is perfect. It's got to look right from every angle, it needs to touch the ceiling, it must be bushy and there must be no gaps anywhere.

I imagine that the fields of Christmas trees are all stood there like little excited children. They're all proudly displaying themselves looking for a good home and when a happy family, rosey cheeked from the cold, comes to look and them and finally decides that they are a perfect tree for the family, the tree must be ecstatic with Christmas joy.

So I imagine that my Dragon tree, who obviously couldn't live forever, was happy to have lived in my bedroom. It was happy to have a proud owner and happy to see not only my flat in Hitchin but also my bedroom up in Shirley.

It might have been malnourished at times, but who of us hasn't? It was pleased to have been my plant and I'm pleased to have had it.

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by Andrew at 20:45 on 30th Nov 2006
I'll take it for burial at the tip while you're away this weekend

by Gordon at 14:05 on 06th Dec 2006
When I was about 5 my sister bought me a tiny cactus (about 4cm tall). It sat on my windowsill through childhood until it became so tall it wouldn't actually fit where the window was any more. When I moved into my new house (17 years later) it got a nice big pot in the conservatory. Last winter a combination of overwatering and the frost got it and it died - I couldn't believe how gutted I felt because of a plant :( I'm not convinced it had feelings, but I do kindof miss it - especially now its not there to attack me as I walk past.

by Andrew at 04:43 on 13th Dec 2006
Just this Monday we were Christmas Tree shopping and came up with the comment that theses trees must have especially thick skins.

We rejected trees for:
- Being too tall
- Being too short
(although Matt did seem to have difficulty comprehending the height of the lounge, since we had to chop at least 6 inches off the top to make it stand up and not hit the ceiling)
- Being too bushy
- Being too spindly
- Having dead bits at the top
etc etc etc

Imagine coping with that sort of rejection, and then the elation of being picked up by a family, taken home and given all the water you could want (incidentally, ours is getting through at least 2 kettle fulls of water a day)

by MissSpoons at 13:08 on 18th Dec 2006
best tree iv seen all year so far - altho my moms is cute also!!

   at 12:50 on Sun 19th November 2006
When you're low on energy you tend to leave the household chors until they really are quite critical. There's a pile of plates and glasses in my room, I've got very little food in the fridge and freezer, you should see the dust on my chest of drawers and most annoyingly I've got a huge pile of clothes to wash...

The only clean underwear I've got is my pink man thong. Eek!

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by Rey at 00:20 on 06th Jan 2007
Argh! Spams!

A Real Commuter
   at 23:22 on Thu 9th November 2006
I left the office at 5:40 this afternoon. I've literally just walked in through the door and it's quarter past 11! I really don't think the Stevenage to Shirely commute is going to be a regular thing... and it's taken this long even though I've made illegal use of my train ticket.

Not only is the journey 5 hours and 20 minutes door to door, but late in the evening, after the commuter rush, the trains don't seem to have toilets and the stations don't seem to have theirs open. Not even the Chinese takeaway I got my Chicken Fried Rice from allowed me to use their toilet. So my sincere thanks goes out to God for the use of the bushes in the local Methodist Church, just around the corner.

All this fuss for a 4 hour meeting.... not only that but I should be in Oslo drinking cold beer with a man that calls himself Spinner.

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by MissSpoons at 12:31 on 30th Nov 2006
aw poor baby - well hope i cheered u up a little bit ;)
lets hope shirley to chelmsford isnt as bad ;)

Dingbats and Crosswords - A Challenge
   at 23:14 on Wed 1st November 2006
At The Fieldhouse pub last night, Andrew, Chris, Matt (Igloo) and I came joint 3rd in the quiz. One round was a non-standard picture round. The special occasion this week was Dingbats. We got most of them, including the special reference to Bill Bryson (Thank you Naomi for getting me in to his books - I'm going to see one of his lectures in Lowestoft at the start of December).

The Bill Bryson one is as follows:


The following four others dingbats were ones we were unable to fathom but are, as the quiz master assured us, very obvious when you know the answer.






On the crossword note, I was listening to Radio 2 on the way back from Overclockers UK up in Stoke-on-Trent today. They had the Daily Telegraph's (now ex) crossword editor on. She retired today after 30 years working for the paper. The presenter asked for her favourite crossword clue and I present it to you here as another challenge:

" " (3, 3, 3, 1, 4)

No prizes for providing any of the answers because I'm sure you can find the them in an instant using Google, but having said that.... Don't cheat and try them for real... Respect to the first reply who gets them right.

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by Clare at 07:29 on 02nd Nov 2006
You'll have an ace time listening to Bill Bryson! Alisdair and I heard him speak in Turner Sims a year ago, and he ruled.

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