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Posts from 01st Nov 2006 to 30th Nov 2006.
Plants Have Feelings
   at 18:13 on Thu 30th November 2006

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by Andrew at 20:45 on 30th Nov 2006
I'll take it for burial at the tip while you're away this weekend

by Gordon at 14:05 on 06th Dec 2006
When I was about 5 my sister bought me a tiny cactus (about 4cm tall). It sat on my windowsill through childhood until it became so tall it wouldn't actually fit where the window was any more. When I moved into my new house (17 years later) it got a nice big pot in the conservatory. Last winter a combination of overwatering and the frost got it and it died - I couldn't believe how gutted I felt because of a plant :( I'm not convinced it had feelings, but I do kindof miss it - especially now its not there to attack me as I walk past.

by Andrew at 04:43 on 13th Dec 2006
Just this Monday we were Christmas Tree shopping and came up with the comment that theses trees must have especially thick skins.

We rejected trees for:
- Being too tall
- Being too short
(although Matt did seem to have difficulty comprehending the height of the lounge, since we had to chop at least 6 inches off the top to make it stand up and not hit the ceiling)
- Being too bushy
- Being too spindly
- Having dead bits at the top
etc etc etc

Imagine coping with that sort of rejection, and then the elation of being picked up by a family, taken home and given all the water you could want (incidentally, ours is getting through at least 2 kettle fulls of water a day)

by MissSpoons at 13:08 on 18th Dec 2006
best tree iv seen all year so far - altho my moms is cute also!!

   at 12:50 on Sun 19th November 2006

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by Rey at 00:20 on 06th Jan 2007
Argh! Spams!

A Real Commuter
   at 23:22 on Thu 9th November 2006

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by MissSpoons at 12:31 on 30th Nov 2006
aw poor baby - well hope i cheered u up a little bit ;)
lets hope shirley to chelmsford isnt as bad ;)

Dingbats and Crosswords - A Challenge
   at 23:14 on Wed 1st November 2006

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by Clare at 07:29 on 02nd Nov 2006
You'll have an ace time listening to Bill Bryson! Alisdair and I heard him speak in Turner Sims a year ago, and he ruled.

by cleanypenry at 22:50 on 26th Jan 2008

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