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Posts from 01st Oct 2006 to 31st Oct 2006.
Cambridge, Heathrow, Southwold, Home and Feeling Great
   at 15:53 on Mon 30th October 2006
So I ended up having a great time in my flying visit to Cambridge. I met up with Tim and Gus from work along with Charley, a great girl I know from Manager League. We did a tour of a few pubs and eventually gave my phone an alarming look as I realised we had to rush back to the station so I could get the last train back to the flat. They are all very nice people and I would recommend meeting them yourself. Also, my apologies for not letting friends know I was secretly in Cambridge, I was there for just 6 hours, barely long enough for a pint with the three I was meeting already. :-)

Then I was staying in the Ibis in Stevenage for the night last Tuesday. I had a meeting for work down at Axis House on Bath Road just outside Heathrow Airport. In the evening I got the train over to Hitchin to see Stuart. It was great to be back and made me realise just how much I miss the independance of living alone. It's nice to have the place to yourself but have a bunch of friends who regularly visit. I'd like to get back as soon as I can now.

I got driven down to the Worldspan offices for this meeting on Wednesday feeling all important. And then when back in the office mid afternoon, was asked by my parent to detour going back to Birmingham via theirs to fix their recently broken computer. So I ended up staying in Southwold for a few days which was lovely. It's always lovely to visit my parents, they're so loving and welcoming, feeding me well and looking after me. :-)

And now I'm back in Birmingham and I'm not exhausted, I'm not waking up feeling sick every day and I have generally ok energy levels. Not wishing to get too hopeful but this week and a half has been the best in a number of months. I just wish this is a sign of improvement.

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by Evil Rich at 17:29 on 30th Oct 2006
Great news to hear that you're on the up! You might even be ready to tackle a Southampton visit again soon :)

by Clare at 09:23 on 31st Oct 2006
What he said :) It's great to hear you sounding so chirpy - do look after yourself, and don't let we people that miss you hassle you too much ;)

by Matt at 09:26 on 31st Oct 2006
Yay, thank you both.

A trip down to sunny Southampton sounds like a brilliant idea. It's been far too long since we met up.

by mad_gemma at 19:27 on 02nd Nov 2006

Scietific Research
   at 07:13 on Sat 21st October 2006
Purely in the name of furthering scientific progress, and getting ready to go to Cambridge for the day, I'm up before the sun! It feels naughty.

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by Names at 18:59 on 22nd Oct 2006
You were in Cambridge and you didn't tell me???

by Gordon at 22:17 on 22nd Oct 2006
same here!

by MissSpoons at 10:21 on 23rd Oct 2006
Yeah u were!!! Fab to see ya again hun - cuter than ever - except for the little skip incidence haha ;) Love ya XXX

Cold Fingers
   at 21:57 on Tue 3rd October 2006
I hate this time of year... the transition to Autumn is just depressing, but the worst thing of all is the reduced temperature in buildings... that temperature where it's not too cold to put the heating on, but just cold enough to piss off any office worker..

Sitting at my keyboard all day my fingers are outstretched and the movement for typing isn't a very good heat generator, so they go all numb and make typing difficult.

I guess I need to get some of those mittens that have finger holes that cute little kids wear. Either that or a USB heater of course.

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by Detonator316 at 19:33 on 12th Oct 2006
Emo! :p

by mlsmc at 20:03 on 01st Mar 2007
I know what you mean - typing with cold fingers is the worst. I found a heated keyboard at
I love it!!

by mlsmc at 20:04 on 01st Mar 2007
I know what you mean - typing with cold fingers is the worst. I found a heated keyboard at
I love it!!

by mlsmc at 20:05 on 01st Mar 2007
I know what you mean - typing with cold fingers is the worst. I found a heated keyboard at
I love it!!

by mlsmc at 20:30 on 01st Mar 2007
I have no idea why my last comment shows up three times! Sorry.

   at 23:29 on Mon 2nd October 2006
Hey.. Happy Monday to you. I thought of an idea I can share that isn't depressive or another "I've done this and this post"....

I've not done much research into micro-sleeping, I first heard about it in the context of that woman (I forget her name) who sailed solo around the world on a posh yaught thing... It was fascinating that she could go for weeks without sleeping for more than 20 minutes at a time.

Now in my state I wake up feeling shit most days and am exhausted by the end of the normal 16 hour day (assuming 8 hours sleep - I just lie in bed awake rather than get extra sleep) even if I do nothing.

So what I was considering randomly is trialing a double-day-in-a-day scheme... I couldn't wake up when it's dark so I wake up at 8am, I stay awake for half a normal day (16 2 = 8 hours) which takes me up to 4pm. I then take a four hour sleep to rechard and wake up again at 8pm! I stay awake until I get tired or 4am latest, where I do another 4 hours sleep and start the cycle again.

I even made a little clock diagram for you to visualise this. If you wish to have a large high resolution version of this clock to print and stick onto your kitchen clock, don't resitate to email!!!

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by Clare at 08:31 on 03rd Oct 2006
Heh, cool! Sounds like a more sensible version of polyphasic sleep, where you aren't meant to sleep for more than half an hour at a go. I know a guy that tried it once, without success!

Enjoy your sleep experiments :)

by Noctu at 20:00 on 12th Oct 2006