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Posts from 01st Jul 2006 to 31st Jul 2006.
Tminus 2 to T plus 2
   at 02:23 on Wed 19th July 2006
Well that's been an insane 4 days. I've dismantled, packed and prepared for the move to Andrews, I've travelled loads of miles and moved my stuff into my new room. I've got my PC working (we all have priorities) and I've officially moved in.

But in all honesty, it's been a struggle. Ignoring the stressful and very busy week, I had a lovely Friday night. I think my whole body ran on adrenaline on Friday night after exhausting myself of normal energy. I had a fantastic evening unwinding stress-wise plus Andrew, Little Richard and Laura stayed over. It was a lovely night indeed with Stuart and Tom staying until late.

The main thing that's worth commenting about is that all my friends were angels. They helped so much over the weekend. From cooking meals, to washing up, to cleaning, packing and taking rubbish to the dump; everyone played an unreplaceable role in my move. After Friday's amazingly good night (:P) I felt crap all of Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so I felt helpless collapsing in corners and struggling to make conversation, let alone helping everyone else.

I'm genuinely touched by how kind everyone was in making the move as easy as it was. This weekend really was one of those where one realises just how lucky they are. I just wish I was still close by all the Hitchin people for their love and caring, especially on the effectionate and understanding level.

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by pete at 03:53 on 11th Mar 2007

T minus 3 days
   at 14:09 on Wed 12th July 2006
With tomorrow morning out of action due to the electrician here sorting my oven and tomorrow afternoon out of action due to moving furniture for the carpet cleaners, I was panicking that I've only got today to finish the AOL project before it was due on Friday.

Now I'm no believer in karma, as I stated recently. Fate just seems an absurd idea to me. So the sheer luck of the situation has relaxed me a little and perhaps made my "critical todo list" more possible. I recevied a phone call from my boss an hour ago saying that the project launch date had been postponed by a week. So I need to finish the bulk of it today to give our customers time to review the site I'm working on, but I can wait until I'm in Solihull to finish it off completely. Which means I might just about get things done.

*sigh of relief*

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by Andrew at 18:38 on 12th Jul 2006
Or it means you'll ignore it for the next week and think exactly the same then. I wonder if your boss is thinking this too and has told you a new date a week earlier than actually needed.

by ally at 11:08 on 14th Jul 2006
hello matt.
this is nothing to do with what you posted :)
I know someone at Southampton doing a masters and needs left handed people to participate in a study. Would you happen to know any left handed people who are still at Uni there? :D

   at 15:03 on Mon 10th July 2006, quite frankly, shit. I've got an incredible amount of things to do before I move out on Saturday. Both at home and at work, and in my low energy state it's all taking longer than I've predicted.

There are only one or two things I can delegate to friends, the rest are bits I have to do as I'm the bill payer or account holder, etc.

I haven't been this stressed since coming up to my 3rd year project deadline at Uni. Argh!

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by Clare at 08:55 on 12th Jul 2006
Good luck, honey!

Good Things
   at 12:01 on Thu 6th July 2006
It's not all been doom and gloom over the past few months though. I would have gone completely crazy if I'd spent all this time inside and working from home.

Back on the middle weekend in April I went to i27. The i-events are thoroughly enjoyable. It's the best of the gaming world and real life. You get to meet up with lots of people you rarely see and be geeks without nervousness but with plenty of beer. We entered the sponsored Battlefield 2 tournament and were royally owned by the world class professional teams. I also got to show off my kCase which I've yet to write or post pictures about.

Then on the 10th of June I had a lovely weekend relaxing at Evil Rich's in Eastleigh. I met up with Little Rich at Waterloo station and we travelled down together. The three of us hadn't seen each other for months so it was fantastic to catch up and have a few drinks. We spent Saturday in Southampton, mainly on campus. It was so nice to be sat outside in the sun for a day with a couple of cold pints of beer. I'd forgotten how lovely the place is and got that slight feeling of I'd like to be back here, carefree and with little real responsibility. :)

Then the last weekend of June, Stuart and I had a fairly spontaneous trip over to Belfast. I went to meet the guild leaders Nuadu and Aannuubbiiss from my World of Warcraft guild. They are such lovely people, so welcoming and made us feel at home. However, they did well at painting a horrific picture of both the political and violent climates in Belfast over the past years. I found it fascinating how entirely British that Belfast is on the exterior, to a visitor, but in realiaty how different it was from the safe and calm main land of England.

And now my Hitchin friends are all returning from University for the Summer. I'm off to the cinema to see Pirates of the Carribean tonight which I'm looking forward to, and I'm sure there will be a night or two at the pub before I leave for Solihull in just over a week.

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Moving Home
   at 11:48 on Thu 6th July 2006
Wow things have got suddenly hectic and it's wearing me out! I had my parents down on Monday to help pack, clean, tidy and prepare for the letting agency lady to come round at 2pm. She was impressed with the size, location and state of the flat and assured me that there would be no problem letting the place. She wasn't wrong. At 5:30pm after my first viewing, a chap had instantly said Yes.

So the flat is let, and I'm moving out on the 15th. Don't come knocking for me or you'll arrive to a strange man who is not a burglar. It's mad now though. I need to pack everything that I'm not leaving, which is alot of things. My parents remarked on how much crap I actually manage to fit in this place! It's actually quite stressful, this moving thing. I've got a list of 18 phone calls to make to get various utilities, banks and other bits sorted. At the same time I'm being pressured by work to get a project finished as soon as humanly possible.

With both these things that need to be done as soon as humanly possible and can't be delayed at all, I'm feeling rather stressed and it's wearing me out entirely. Which is far from helpful and entirely counter productive.

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