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Posts from 01st Apr 2006 to 30th Apr 2006.
Second Opinion
   at 09:44 on Wed 19th April 2006
I went back to the doctors 8 days ago to tell him that I hadn't really improved with my two weeks rest. In fact, for some of the second week off I deteriorated back to how bad I was in January which was a bit of a blow.

I really hate the unpredictability of whatever's wrong with me. If I could just know which mornings/days/evenings I was going to be bad I could plan around it. This morning for instance, despite having an 'ok' day yesterday once I was up and moving, I feel sick and very tired.

Anyway, my GP was pretty honest and said he's got no idea. He said it was about time to get a second opinion, which I'm doing. At a cost of between 100 and 200! There would be a 2/3 month wait it I went NHS for this rheumatologist appointment, but I can go private and skip that wait. For everyone concerned (work, friends, family and me) I thought it wise to go down that route.

I did ask the GP what he thought about ME. He showed me that on his notes after my last meeting he had queried post-viral syndrome. And that's a form of ME. He said he'll only go down that route as a last resort as not only is it a diagnosis by elimination (there's no direct test for it) but it's a nasty label to have as it'll affect my life severely.

Oh dear. I guess we'll see how tomorrow's appointment goes.

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by Clare at 14:18 on 19th Apr 2006
Best of luck, hon, I hope the test sheds light on all this! Take care of yourself. :)

by Richard S. at 15:17 on 19th Apr 2006
Good luck Matt!! I hope they are able to shed some light on everything.
btw: How did the I-event go?? Did many people comment on your new shiny PC case??

Take care!!
Big Rich

by Matt at 00:47 on 24th May 2006
Yeah, good point. I need to post about the i-event. About my PC case, the BF2 touney and "Steak Wins".

I'll do that asap.

Happy Birthday
   at 00:55 on Wed 12th April 2006
It's slightly too late to say thank you for all todays best wishes. I think I've replied to most people personally anyway.

To be honest, having woken up feeling quite awful (sick and energyless), having almost half a day at work and then not doing much in the evening, this has certainly been the most lethargic of birthdays - Perhaps discounting my 1st.

It's a huge anti-climax. I think this illness, coupled with having had my last "fun" birthday at 21 years old, birthdays have lost their appeal. I struggled to be enthusiastic or excited about it at all.

Having said that, I appreciate the gifts, kind words and attention I've been given. Lets hope my next year is far less riddled with ill health than the previous!

Hugs and cuddles, me. xx

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