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Posts from 01st Mar 2006 to 31st Mar 2006.
Back to the Doctors
   at 12:48 on Fri 24th March 2006

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by Lardy at 16:20 on 24th Mar 2006
Bollox to feeling guilty mate. When you find out what it is. I'd like it. Two weeks off would be great!!
Just take your time and get well. That's by far the most important thing.

by Clare at 10:05 on 25th Mar 2006
Yeah, I agree - bollocks to feeling guilty! You've gotta take time for yourself; besides, if you didn't, you'd probably be more ill and need more time off down the line.

Take care of yourself!

by Neil at 21:24 on 10th Apr 2006
I bet the company folds in your absence, and you'll be fully responsible for the unemployment of all the staff in the company. All those families and those with mortgages will have you to thank for it.

Joking aside, I hope they find your sperm count high and your blood count low... or maybe the other way round and that you're not going to have any man babies yet.

University and it's Day to Day Effect's on Life
   at 22:15 on Fri 17th March 2006

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by Neil-san (a.k.a. a-v0id) at 23:37 on 11th May 2006
Would you not ask those questions even without a degree?
I've been developing questions all my life, as I get older the more advanced the question. Ultimately, I think 3 years at university is a waste of life. I have learnt nothing I could not have picked up on a day to day basis in a work environment.
Redundant information that you spend the first few years at work trying to forget about seem to be aimed at confusing you and fogging your intelligent judgement about.
Irony with my university experience lays where I've been taking industrial experience whilst learning. Lecturers assuring you that things are common practice in industry are completely wrong and prove how little knowledge they really have about that which they profess to teach.
That last bit doesn't really argue my point but just goes to show how bitter I am about the whole to-do. Matt, I think you would have asked all those questions even without a degree.

Bad News
   at 00:03 on Fri 10th March 2006

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by Andrew at 18:21 on 10th Mar 2006
Argos for 25

by Angel at 18:52 on 17th Mar 2006
There cheaper at Tescos, about 9 quid. Are you sure your illness isnt glandular fever? I had it, smae symptoms, lasted months and the Doctor even explained that you can test negative for it all the way through but still have it. Just don't get M.E. afterwards... you might get more pasty.

by Matt at 22:07 on 17th Mar 2006
Angel! :-)

I've been told categorically that it wasn't glandular fever. The sickness, dizziness stuff has been better this week. But it's just switching to exhaustion. I ran from one platform to another this morning and it totally killed me. It took until I was well into the office to catch my breath and I ended up nearly falling asleep at work this afternoon. I'm not aware of how to determine if you're heading in the ME direction (I've not read up on it.) but if I am I think I'll cry.

   at 11:08 on Wed 8th March 2006

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Previously in Amsterdam
   at 15:25 on Thu 2nd March 2006

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Still Not Better
   at 15:17 on Thu 2nd March 2006

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