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Posts from 01st Feb 2006 to 28th Feb 2006.
Ongoing Illness
   at 12:01 on Tue 21st February 2006
If you've been following my health recently you'll know that I've not been well. Over the past month or so the nausea and light headed symptoms haven't gone and I'm feeling far more motivated than I was. I really don't think now that stress/depression has much to do with how I'm feeling. Whilst I won't rule out it could be a contributing factor, I'm quite sure the issue is physical.

So I went back to the doctors yesterday. I explained all this and got a wild stab in the dark back. Apparantly the problem could be that I've got some inbalance of acid in my stomach. I've been given a month's course of tablets to try out.

I wasn't overly happy with that as for starters it's just a guess and the doctor admitted that and secondly even if it is that, I've been told that the tables will stop me feeling bad. That's not what I want, I want the cause to be resolved, not the symptoms supressed.

However, whether it be the placebo effect or medicine at work, I did wake up this morning feeling much better than usual. I didn't need to take things slowly whilst I settled myself down. In fact, it was quite invigorating being able to get up and shower straight away (even if I was late out of bed).

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by Clare at 15:19 on 21st Feb 2006
I can see why you'd feel a little ambivalent about the medicine, but it's great to hear that you felt better than usual this morning! Fingers crossed that this continues. :)

What's in a name?
   at 14:03 on Mon 13th February 2006
It all started when someone asked me online if Kloopy was my real name? I replied that actually my name is Matthew.... at the moment. I spent the next few minutes I'd found out that, via the Deed Poll website I could change my name for £34.

I think my parents would be upset if I changed my first name to Kloopy. And for the first year or so I think it'd be wonderful to have as my name, but I might grow out of it at a later date. Also, my parents probably chose my middle name "James" because they liked it. Removing that to replace it with Kloopy might upset them, I'll have to ask.

So the seriously tempting idea is to change my name to "Matthew James Kloopy Chapman". It'd be on my passport and driving license! Exciting! I'm trying not to open my wallet until I've had a chat with the 'rents. I don't want them disowning me or anything.

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by Mac at 19:54 on 16th Feb 2006
I\'ve been tempted for a while to change my name to Mac Mantastic Deadly Amazing, but I don\'t think I\'d get many job offers with a name like that.

by Reyhan at 04:20 on 19th Feb 2006
I may get Yam added as a middle name. When you\'re names already obscure you can take the risk!

by Woody at 21:09 on 19th Feb 2006
E-bay your name change for corporate sponsorship.

Shotgun 50% of the profit.

by Arleen at 23:44 on 20th Feb 2006
You know what\'s really funny?

Is that Jasmine is my middle name!!!! HAHA

Memories of those Phyics Lessons
   at 20:59 on Wed 8th February 2006
I'm right in thinking a coil of wire that takes an electricity current produces both an electromagnetic field and heat, yes?

I'm specifically curious about the heat side of things. My 20m extension lead is only wound out to about 5m. I use it to get from the plug socket in my bedroom to the bedside chest of drawers.

Noramlly I use this 4-way to power a phone charger and a desk side lamp with a 30 watt blub in. But this evening I've had one of those electric heaters on. It's been on about 2 hours now.

I just went to move the power adapter so that the heater was nearer my computer desk and it's very warm to the touch. And by very warm I mean hot. I can't even touch the wire that was at the center of the coil. It's the kind of heat that makes you say out loud naughty words like "Fuck" and immediately drop the thing your holding.

I feel burnt. :/

And if I don't post again for a few days you know that uncoiled the heat still built up, my flat set on fire, I burnt in the process and my family and friends are currently greiving.

Rather than ending pesimistcally, I'll leave you with the good news that I've bought a brand new, chome coloured, nine hundred watt, combined grill and microwave! Splendid!

[Edit: I've just spied a phrase on the adapter... "warning, unwind fully before use!"]

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by Gordon at 09:47 on 09th Feb 2006
Its not like me to say anything intelligent, but I think the wire would get hot even if it weren't in a coil. Its just that having it all rolled up in a sealed(ish) container lets the heat build up. Straight wires have an electromagnetic field as well - google for 'faraday motor'. And now I'll go back to being stupid for the rest of the day...

by Matt at 15:27 on 13th Feb 2006
That makes sense. Especially considering it was powering one of those expensive (to run) electric heaters which presumably draw a lot of current. It was toasty warm in my bedroom that night, though. :-)

Previously in London
   at 16:21 on Mon 6th February 2006
On the 28th of Jan, my mothers Christmas present was finally ready. The cast had rehearsed and the theater was prepared. Mum and Dad came down to stay at my flat for the night and I took my Mum on the train down to London to see Les Misérables at the Queens Theater on Shaftesbury Avenue, W1.

It's a great show and having seen just Les Mis twice and The Phantom of the Opera once, I feel confident in saying that Les Mis is the best musical in the world, ever. It's just incredibly perfect. The music, acting, costumes, sound and lighting, set and props... They're all brilliant.

There were some additions to the play since the last time I saw it back in May 2005 that helped tell the story a little better. My Mum has been a fan of the show since she was a kid (which of course is only really a couple of years) and I was shocked to find out that she didn't realise Eponine was the Thénardier's real daughter.

After the show, we got one of those honk-honk things back to Kings Cross station. Rickshaws they're called I think. It cost £20 for a 25 minute ride which isn't too bad I guess; we got to see a bit of London. By using the tube you don't really get to see much of the capital other than the main line station you arrive at and the area around your destination. Having said that, winding crazily between stretched limos, wailing police cars and crazy London traffic, inhaling the capital's fumes whist freezing your tits off requires a certain amound of bravery.

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by Arleen at 23:38 on 20th Feb 2006
Welcome to my home!

Ps we all know Chicago The Musical absolutely rocks!

Previously in Southwold
   at 15:53 on Mon 6th February 2006
My second MMC weekend was in Southwold. Those of you who know my parents live in Southwold will think this is rather unremarkable. However, I was meeting someone who practises in a rather unusual business.

On Saturday morning I Met a man called Mark Church. He runs a small health practise and offers alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, reflexology, kinesiology and Brain Gym. I won't bore you with details about these because as a sceptic, I wouldn't be able to sell them to you properly.

Being a very scientific person and despite doubting that alternative therapies hold any basis in our real world, I tried to enter my appointment with an open and accepting mind.

I chatted to Mark about the illness I've been through recently and that fact that I've been feeling a bit down. He then taught me a series of three Brain Gym positions to adopt when I'm feeling particularly stressed and wish to balance myself out mentally.

I was then treated to a session of reflexology which is basically a therapy which bases itself on theories the Egyptians had. By manipulating the feet you are, apparantly, able to diagnose and correct problems with any part of the body. By searching Google you'll be able to find more information about this. I find the idea fascinating and was happy to give it a go.

Now if the aim is to come out of a session feeling relaxed, happy and motivated then it worked for me. I don't believe any correction was done inside me by the massaging of my feet, but I still got something out of it. Whether it's me being non-receptive of the truth or unaccepting of the "lies" I don't know.

I enjoyed Meeting Mark, he's a really nice person; friendly and welcoming. I don't think I'd subscribe to a long-term plan of reflexology but as a nice massage onec in a while, who knows? Mark has a website detailing his business and from what I've heard he's very good at his profession. Just look at the letters after his name!

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Previously in Edinburgh
   at 15:42 on Mon 6th February 2006
So in the past few weeks I've been doing a fair bit of trekking around Meeting people. I've not updated the MMC website yet, I thought it'd be best to get some content by travelling for a few weeks so that anyone new to the website gets the impression it's established and going well.

So my first trip was to Edinburgh. I flew up with friend Stuart in the evening. I Met up with Fraser, a chap who lives outside Aberdeen. He had travelled over 100 miles to Meet me which I think is incredible.

I was slightly nervous meeting him as I'd never spoken to him before and only arranged where and when to meet on an Internet forum. But it was great. He's a lovely guy, really friendly and just the sort of person I'd like to meet everywhere.

Since he was staying in the same hotel as Stuart and I we decided to dump all our stuff and head off together onto the town. I'd done a bit of research prior to our arrival and found a huge Wetherspoons a quick walk from Princes Street (the main shopping street in Edinburgh). We had a couple of drinks and wandered back to the Hotel via McDonalds.

Because we'd met up at 9pm and Stuart and I flew back to Luton airport at 10am, we got a fairly early night. Before hitting the pillow however, I gave Fraser his prestigious "I've Met Matt Chapman" t-shirt and we got a photo together.

I can't say much about Edinburgh because I didn't see any of it in daylight. I could just about make out the architecture of the buildings and I was impressed. It seems Edinburgh is rather beautiful and the castle is lit up rather spectacularly at night.

I think the only let down from the trip was that everyone I had spoken to helped to paint a tremendous picture of this grand castle with turrets and guns and damels in destress on a tall hill looking proudly over the city of Edinburgh. But in essense, it appeared to be an old building, slightly larger than those surrounding it, raised on a slight mound to give it a centerpiece feel.

I felt dirty having such a small time in Edinburgh and not being able to chat to Fraser more but I don't regret going in any way and I look forward to returning to properly explore the city.

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