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Posts from 01st Jan 2006 to 31st Jan 2006.
'What's that burning smell?'
   at 17:31 on Tue 24th January 2006

Four comments
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by Prudish McPrude at 20:21 on 24th Jan 2006
You forgot to highlight a "crap", "pisses" and a "Damn" :)

by lil rich at 20:23 on 24th Jan 2006
don't u have insurance matt?
surely that would cover the cost of the oven.

and btw i am -really- offended by those red words.

it makes the page look really weird!

by Reyhan at 18:59 on 25th Jan 2006
Bad luck mate!

by Robin at 22:21 on 26th Jan 2006
Apparently research has shown that the 24th of january is the most depressing day of the year. Maybe it was nothing to do with the water and the oven couldn't take it anymore.
Ps: what kind of funding body payed for research into the most depressing day of the year?

Disagnosis: Depression
   at 11:43 on Fri 20th January 2006

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by Names at 09:30 on 23rd Jan 2006
And this is what is wrong with medicine today! Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. If I could get my hands on your GP I would give him 'anticipatory nausea'. Basically Matt, you were quite ill before Christmas, and my guess is that you haven't fully recovered from it - speaking from experience, the physical and psychological effects of a nasty virus can take anything up to 6 months to go away. So just look after yourself.

by Matt at 10:48 on 23rd Jan 2006
*hugs* I am. I'm relaxing and taking things easy. Had a really nice weekend in Southwold and feeling a bit better for it. I even had some reflexology!

Train Fares
   at 11:34 on Fri 20th January 2006

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by Neil a.k.a. a-v0id at 16:35 on 20th Jan 2006
Can you not board the train without paying?

I used to commute to college a couple of years ago and being in a financial predicament of having nothing to my name and cycling being out of the question and bussing the journey being too expensive i decided to commute by train. It worked for 6 months, showing my expired train ticket which was 18 months old whenever anyone asked for it, they generally looked at it smiled and looked away.

Be confident and carry the money just in case. 6 months worth of train commuting cost me a 10 fine.

by ..... at 11:46 on 28th Jan 2006
you didnt see the news ages ago about the price rise then. lol

by Matt at 12:00 on 28th Jan 2006
I saw the news. But the reports were citing increases of up to 5% on saver tickets.

My shock is that the rise is nearly 50% which by any measure is far more than the "news ages ago" reported.

Blood Test Results
   at 14:14 on Sun 15th January 2006

Five comments
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by Lardy at 09:09 on 16th Jan 2006
Morning sickness? Feeling tired? Sure you're not pregnant? If you are, I'll be your agent!!

by Matt at 09:42 on 16th Jan 2006
Haha! The theory has been discussed. My girlfriend doesn't quite like the idea of mothering my child at the moment.

I've not started craving any food yet, so I can't be that far along. Perhaps she'll come round in time.

by lil rich at 18:51 on 16th Jan 2006
well some good news then matt.

get a diet book or somethin to make sure ur eatin right maybe

by MrLobster at 18:25 on 19th Jan 2006
Stop eating fairy dust!!!

by Neil a.k.a. a-v0id at 15:55 on 20th Jan 2006
Reminds me of when I had my blood tested when I donated blood. I was hoping that my result was going to return with some obscure result hoping a non-existant blood group or characteristics of a super-hero... sadly I'm but a mere mortal.

More protein, especially white fish.

University of Hertfordshire
   at 13:29 on Thu 12th January 2006

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by lil rich at 19:22 on 12th Jan 2006
well less than 24 hrs left for u matt. let us know how it goes and if ur gonna be around long :p ur too young to have liver disease

by Matt at 11:30 on 13th Jan 2006
But still, that takes effort. And if their competition is willing to answer my queries in emails and on the phone they're more likely to get my tuition fees and goverment subsidies. I don't think it's much to expect a company to provide you with their products details when you request them. But perhaps I'm old fashioned in expecting friendly, polite and helpful service from a company.

by Smudge at 00:29 on 14th Jan 2006
Good luck for blood test results, hope its all OK

Doctors Appointment
   at 23:20 on Tue 3rd January 2006

Two comments
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by Arleen at 10:26 on 07th Jan 2006
Oh Matt :( poor little thing, let us know the results. When will you hear?


by Matt at 11:31 on 13th Jan 2006
Thanks. Will do. Getting them this afternoon now. Not long. If I'm dieing I'll make a spectacular final blog post for you!

Still Feeling Ill
   at 00:28 on Tue 3rd January 2006

One comment
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by Clare at 09:28 on 03rd Jan 2006
Ugh, that sounds no fun at all. Definitely get checked at the doc's, it can do no harm!