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Posts from 01st Nov 2005 to 30th Nov 2005.
And so I Switch Back to the White
   at 15:04 on Wed 30th November 2005

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by Arleen at 13:24 on 01st Dec 2005
ha! U cant beat vivid white toothpaste from crest!

Meet Matt Chapman Update
   at 09:38 on Wed 30th November 2005

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by Matt Chapman at 13:32 on 27th Dec 2005
I just looked in the mirror and met me! If you're coming to the UK it'd be great to meet you too. I'm based in London, which isn't on your itinerary yet...
I'm at if you need proof of my Matt Chapman-ness.

Major WIMP Fault
   at 19:00 on Tue 29th November 2005

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by Evil Rich at 11:09 on 30th Nov 2005
Ah, come join the world of the Mac. (The original theives of WIMP). Dialog boxes are officially banned by the API from causing the currently focussed application from switching to another one unless specifically caused by the user.

by Matt at 11:12 on 30th Nov 2005
Oh, I'd love that. If only I were brave enough to make the jump and Tiger ran properly on my Athlon machine.

A Trip to Birmingham
   at 17:21 on Tue 29th November 2005

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by Andrew at 15:35 on 30th Nov 2005
4 Wetherspoons (3 of them twice)
1 Lloyds Bar (also run by Wetherspoons)
& 1 Walkabout

Southwold's Brightest Garden
   at 11:22 on Mon 28th November 2005

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by Bon at 04:35 on 30th Nov 2005
What's happening with Meet Matt Chapman? Have you been meeting people and not blogging about it, or has it been put on hold?

by Matt at 11:13 on 30th Nov 2005
Sorry! I've explained myself three posts up from this one.

Coloured Bubbles
   at 11:31 on Fri 18th November 2005

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by James at 16:13 on 18th Nov 2005
I'm with you on this mate, those are awesome!

by Clare at 12:47 on 19th Nov 2005
I like it!

   at 14:04 on Tue 15th November 2005

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by Niki at 20:22 on 15th Nov 2005
Just taken me 5 minutes to do... and honestly i didn't cheat. :0)
Next one ;0)

by Woody at 20:34 on 15th Nov 2005
While we're on the subject :p.

Matt Chapman == That Man Camp.


The Pressure of Life
   at 18:54 on Mon 14th November 2005

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by lardy at 10:54 on 15th Nov 2005
Welcome to the world of work! Nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. But if the boss is happy with something that's not quite perfect, go with it for now and make it perfect later.
As for the housewife thing. Employ a cleaner or housekeeper. Believe me it'll be cheaper and less stressful in the long run!

by Matt at 18:46 on 16th Nov 2005
Getting a cleaner is something that never entered my mind. The thing is, the flat is small enough that it takes half an hour to fully dust and hoover. It's the clothes washing, washing up, and cooking that takes all the time. I guess I'm just too lazy. :-)

by lil rich at 23:41 on 18th Nov 2005
sod the washing up. i know u don't do it too often. the washing u can prob get away with once a week.
dusting - puff :p

after u leave ur job, leave things till the next day unless they are important.

Finally, A Weekend Off
   at 19:28 on Sat 12th November 2005

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by Andrew at 00:00 on 13th Nov 2005
A bit of Rest & Relaxation and accomplishing nothing you'd planned to is always a good way to spend a weekend. It's kind if reminiscent of university except that that was the entire week being spent like that... :p