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Posts from 01st Sep 2005 to 30th Sep 2005.
Meet Matt Chapman - Opinions Requred
   at 22:11 on Mon 26th September 2005

Sixteen comments
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by Kal at 22:19 on 26th Sep 2005
I think its a great idea.... other than you will get sick of meeting people every weekend, and there is of course the cost of meeting people and giving them t-shirts.

Safety is also an issue, but I think its reasonably easy to take precuations on that one.

by So.. at 23:04 on 26th Sep 2005
How would that many people (who you don't already know) stumble across the new site? Would you meet with anyone who asked or just those you felt happy (age/race/gender wise) with? Are you meeting them or are they meeting you? (Regarding ego and reasoning.) Where do you intend to meet them? Was the bit about T-shirts actually serious? (Regarding patronising and ego.)

by Matt at 23:15 on 26th Sep 2005
Word of mouth, spreading the word. - Mostly anyone, I'd vet people first but I wouldn't be ageist, racist, genderist. - We'd be meeting each other, mostly. I'm sure the only people how WOULD Meet Matt would be the people who'd want to meet new people themselves, so it wouldn't end up being an ego thing. - I'd meet them in somewhere quite public, a train station or a cafe or somewhere neutral and public like that since it gives both of us a subtle sense of security and it's somewhere either of us can walk away from. - The tshirts idea was serious, but only to add some fun to the whole thing. It gives people a souvineer unique to the whole thing. They'd have it and I'd not know if they burn it or wear it, it wouldn't satisfy an ego.

by Clare at 10:17 on 27th Sep 2005
I think it's an excellent idea. I bet eventually there'll be a time (in future years) when you get fed up of it, though!

As long as you don't mind the time/cost of it, then that's pretty cool. Like you say, if you meet in public places then safety-wise it's cool. You could end up spending serious money on this, though. :)

by Karl (taa) at 12:11 on 27th Sep 2005
How cool :)

I love the idea :)

by Me at 22:54 on 27th Sep 2005
Whoever said that you can't meet anyone new in Hitchin was talking out of their arse!

by Rey at 02:10 on 28th Sep 2005
Sounds like a great idea! You make little "meet matt chapman" stickers for people to put on their websites/blogs

by Minty at 20:47 on 28th Sep 2005
You are a loon.

I'd go to Hitchen and teach you how to meet people.

Why did you never ask?

Anyway, but on subect - you're looney

by Bon at 02:25 on 29th Sep 2005
You'd better register before someone else does!

by Minty at 18:42 on 29th Sep 2005
Already beat him to it ;)

I'll sell it for 25

by Appocomaster at 11:11 on 30th Sep 2005
I'm happy to get involved. You haven't met me yet :D
and domain stealing is bad, mmmk

by MiNi D (jaimie) at 11:14 on 30th Sep 2005
i want my Tshirt then :P, even though we met u can still meet me again :) . As for protection, cant have u infected with STDs all that LAN trash isnt going to do u any good :P i recommend medevil Full plate armour with a kevlar jacket and helmet. :D

by Intruder at 15:57 on 03rd Oct 2005
Well, there is many pros and cons.
You prolly would have to meet many people who might become a problem for you, and have many embaracing momments dealing with people who dont have anything in common with you. I cant think atm on a apealing layout for such website but tho obvious you should include as much info about you as possible ( not home andress and things who might make psychos harm you and family ofc) so you get contacted mostly by people who feels you have sumthin in common with them. My real suggestion i made on IRC, Travel around the world using Hostelling International, cheap proces and interesting people from everywhere sharing rooms with you, and not expecting some kind of return after they get in touch with you, what would happen alot if you do that thru the webby

by lurchleaf at 19:07 on 10th Oct 2005
brilliant idea, cant wait till im 18 then i too can meet matt chapman ;)
have a good time dude

by tempo at 18:23 on 10th Mar 2007
Luogo molto buon:) Buona fortuna!

by napoli at 08:36 on 13th Mar 2007
E evidente che il luogo e stato fatto dalla persona che realmente conosce il mestiere!

Growing Up?
   at 08:02 on Thu 22nd September 2005

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The Authors Guild Sues Google
   at 10:39 on Wed 21st September 2005

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Small website update
   at 23:50 on Mon 19th September 2005

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Alcohol Alphabet Challenge - September 2005
   at 19:33 on Sun 18th September 2005

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by Woody at 23:38 on 18th Sep 2005

by mad_gemma at 12:36 on 19th Sep 2005
*such* a great idea! :D

by Clare at 11:05 on 20th Sep 2005

by Reggie at 19:03 on 03rd Oct 2005
yay roll on the 15th

Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strikes
   at 11:23 on Tue 13th September 2005

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by reyhan at 02:27 on 19th Sep 2005
Hey, would you put the post title in the <title> of the individual post pages? Would be handy for bookmarking :)

by Matt at 17:06 on 20th Sep 2005
Absolutely. All done for you, sir.

by rey at 00:22 on 21st Sep 2005
:D - excellent post btw

by Matt at 10:40 on 21st Sep 2005
It could be better. I find it really hard to get my real emotion into words. But thank you. :)

by Matt at 10:40 on 21st Sep 2005
...and thank you for the link. ;-)

Saturday 27th August
   at 23:01 on Mon 12th September 2005

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San Diego Summer 2005
   at 22:45 on Sun 11th September 2005

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Apple Shop
   at 20:30 on Thu 8th September 2005

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