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Posts from 01st Mar 2005 to 31st Mar 2005.
   at 11:43 on Wed 30th March 2005

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Balloon Stunt
   at 10:19 on Sat 19th March 2005

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by Jim (RJ) at 11:48 on 19th Mar 2005
Fookin' hilarious!

by Minty at 11:51 on 19th Mar 2005
You're a fucking legend!

by Alisdair at 23:39 on 20th Mar 2005
That's awesome :)

   at 11:43 on Tue 15th March 2005

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   at 13:19 on Thu 3rd March 2005

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by mary at 09:54 on 05th Mar 2005
Let me know if you want to sell them on - I have just got 4 general admission but really wanted seats

by Matt at 10:35 on 05th Mar 2005
Mine are also GA, sorry. But why would you want to sit at a Coldplay gig? Standing you can get right up close and see and enjoy it FAR more! :-)

by Ruth at 18:25 on 20th Apr 2005
Thats true, why would you want to sit at any gig. I was so disappointed when I didn't get tickets to see Flannelmouth the last time I was in Helsinki and that sucked. I can't imagine what the line-ups are like for Coldplay, massive I bet. I herd that they are awsome live. Kool.

by Matt at 09:26 on 21st Apr 2005
They've just released their single Speed of Sound to the world. And it's great. It took me a good few listens through but I suddenly realised there's no chorus, it's just one long ever-changing track.

But it's good and hopefully we'll have a great full album. I can't wait to see them now!

by Ben at 20:42 on 26th Jun 2005
I would like to buy 1 ticket if possible. Would be willing to spens up to 60.

   at 12:26 on Thu 3rd March 2005

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by Evil/Big/Strange/Cla at 13:38 on 03rd Mar 2005
Hmm, I'm going to say... 27 shirts. Did I win?

by Matt at 14:02 on 03rd Mar 2005

by Noctu at 14:05 on 03rd Mar 2005

by mad_gemma at 14:13 on 03rd Mar 2005
Im gonna guess about 39. Dunno why, first number I saw in the code underneath this window I guess.. :)

(well no, the first was 250 but thats a tad too many for one person)

by rich at 14:27 on 03rd Mar 2005

by Clare at 14:59 on 03rd Mar 2005
Damnit, I was gonna say 32! Humph. 33.

by Matt at 18:56 on 03rd Mar 2005
You're still all too low!

by Bon at 20:29 on 03rd Mar 2005
Somewhere between 49 and 51...

by Rey at 23:12 on 03rd Mar 2005

by Matt at 09:47 on 04th Mar 2005
Still too low. And it should be guessable... I bought a a plain white school shirt on Wednesday which increased the total to a nice round number.

by Chris at 13:46 on 04th Mar 2005

by Matt at 10:33 on 05th Mar 2005
Chris went too high!

by Clare at 16:47 on 05th Mar 2005
70? Whatever it is, you have WAY too many shirts ;)

by Matt at 22:04 on 05th Mar 2005
Clare. You now need to redeem your one free pint voucher. 70 is the right answer. :-)

by Clare at 23:21 on 05th Mar 2005
Woohoo! :)

by the_angry_angel at 15:47 on 14th Mar 2005
70 shirts? Dude....thats too many :o