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Posts from 01st Mar 2005 to 31st Mar 2005.
   at 11:43 on Wed 30th March 2005
I participated in my 5th i-event this weekend. It was great fun. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't do anything absolutely crazy like falling off the building [Video] or thowing ketchup all over the ceiling or being excessively drunk and rowdy. Which was nice, it gave me time to enjoy the weekend properly.

Also, for the first time I entered lots of tournaments. We entered the Battlefield 1942 Pro Tourney and came 6th of 7. We entered the Trackmania Sunrise tournament. And failed at the first stage. We entered the Need for Speed Underground 2 tourney. I had to pull out because of computer failure but Little Rich went on to get 3rd! Go him!

All in all, it was a fantastic event. The only problem was sleeping in tents through the freezing cold nights. We all woke up without being able to feel our toes! But still, good fun was had! Oh, and we got a free creme egg from Wizzos mum.

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Balloon Stunt
   at 10:19 on Sat 19th March 2005
So the story is... Chris and I, most Fridays do a practical joke on our housemate Richard. He works at the University club and doesn't get back till 3am earliest. This gives us plenty of time to set things up. Usually we do traffic cones, we've got over a dozen now.

This week we've used balloons, thanks to a guy called Tis for his idea. Richard found out about them as we were blowing them up (It's impossible to hide 750 balloons from someone you live with!). So he was expecting them in his room when he got back from work and had been quite angry at Chris and I warning that he'd call the landlord if anything got broken in his room.

So.. we filled our hallway with balloons. The idea was that when he got back he'd be head deep in the things! There are lots of photos in the Gallery, but to summarise you can view these three:

In Situation
In The Air

I also wanted to cellotape 20 party poppers to the door and the door frame so that when opening the front door in a tired post-work daze, he's shocked into Chris and my balloon reality by an almighty bang! But unfortunately the cellotape we had didn't adhere to the wooden door properly, so we could only attack them to the lock. [Photo]

This morning: Damn it. It appears he enjoyed it. [Photo]

There were plenty of naughty words muttered as he was popping them last night, though. And Christ, do you know how long it takes to pop 750 balloons, even with a knife?

I bet it's not only our other housemate who was woken up, the neighbours on both sides too! Still... I laughed lots when he said "Fucking hell, MORE balloons? How many did they fucking blow up?"


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by Jim (RJ) at 11:48 on 19th Mar 2005
Fookin' hilarious!

by Minty at 11:51 on 19th Mar 2005
You're a fucking legend!

by Alisdair at 23:39 on 20th Mar 2005
That's awesome :)

   at 11:43 on Tue 15th March 2005
I'm going to make one of those rubbish I did this, then this posts...
Visted Laura this weekend. Had great time. Got drunk. Have no money. Been ill. It's almost gone today. Apathetic. Finshed book. Started new book. Wondering why I can't work without looming deadline pressure. Oven's heated up now. Must put food in.
I've got so much to say, but I don't feel energetic enough to say any of it. Lethargy. That's what you get after a lovely weekend relaxing, smiling, laughing and having a good time.

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   at 13:19 on Thu 3rd March 2005
Hmm. I've just spent 300 on tickets to see Coldplay. 8 in total. 4 on each of Monday 27th June and Tuesday 28th June. Both at Crystal Palace, London. The 4 on Monday are for me and my friends. But I plan on selling the other 4. 36 per ticket. (Cost price)

If anyone who reads this is interested, then it's likely I know you and can give you first choice. If not, I'll ebay them.

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by mary at 09:54 on 05th Mar 2005
Let me know if you want to sell them on - I have just got 4 general admission but really wanted seats

by Matt at 10:35 on 05th Mar 2005
Mine are also GA, sorry. But why would you want to sit at a Coldplay gig? Standing you can get right up close and see and enjoy it FAR more! :-)

by Ruth at 18:25 on 20th Apr 2005
Thats true, why would you want to sit at any gig. I was so disappointed when I didn't get tickets to see Flannelmouth the last time I was in Helsinki and that sucked. I can't imagine what the line-ups are like for Coldplay, massive I bet. I herd that they are awsome live. Kool.

by Matt at 09:26 on 21st Apr 2005
They've just released their single Speed of Sound to the world. And it's great. It took me a good few listens through but I suddenly realised there's no chorus, it's just one long ever-changing track.

But it's good and hopefully we'll have a great full album. I can't wait to see them now!

by Ben at 20:42 on 26th Jun 2005
I would like to buy 1 ticket if possible. Would be willing to spens up to 60.

   at 12:26 on Thu 3rd March 2005
Most people who know me have probably observed that I almost always wear shirts. I never realised just how many I have.

I've done loads of washing over the past couple of days and once dry, I've chucked all my clothes onto a big pile to put into cupboards and draws when I can be arsed.

The pile prompted housemate Richard to ask how many shirts I had in total. I counted. I bet you can't guess. I'd give a pint to anyone who could accurately guess.

[The count includes all shirts I have at Uni. I'm not aware I've left any at my parents house, but I've not taken those into account]

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by Evil/Big/Strange/Cla at 13:38 on 03rd Mar 2005
Hmm, I'm going to say... 27 shirts. Did I win?

by Matt at 14:02 on 03rd Mar 2005

by Noctu at 14:05 on 03rd Mar 2005

by mad_gemma at 14:13 on 03rd Mar 2005
Im gonna guess about 39. Dunno why, first number I saw in the code underneath this window I guess.. :)

(well no, the first was 250 but thats a tad too many for one person)

by rich at 14:27 on 03rd Mar 2005

by Clare at 14:59 on 03rd Mar 2005
Damnit, I was gonna say 32! Humph. 33.

by Matt at 18:56 on 03rd Mar 2005
You're still all too low!

by Bon at 20:29 on 03rd Mar 2005
Somewhere between 49 and 51...

by Rey at 23:12 on 03rd Mar 2005

by Matt at 09:47 on 04th Mar 2005
Still too low. And it should be guessable... I bought a a plain white school shirt on Wednesday which increased the total to a nice round number.

by Chris at 13:46 on 04th Mar 2005

by Matt at 10:33 on 05th Mar 2005
Chris went too high!

by Clare at 16:47 on 05th Mar 2005
70? Whatever it is, you have WAY too many shirts ;)

by Matt at 22:04 on 05th Mar 2005
Clare. You now need to redeem your one free pint voucher. 70 is the right answer. :-)

by Clare at 23:21 on 05th Mar 2005
Woohoo! :)

by the_angry_angel at 15:47 on 14th Mar 2005
70 shirts? Dude....thats too many :o