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Posts from 01st Feb 2005 to 28th Feb 2005.
Dyed Hair
   at 22:27 on Mon 28th February 2005
For the first time in my life, I've dyed my hair. It's a dark blue, almost black, but when it catches the light you can really see the blue shine out.

I've no idea really as to why I did this. Sort of semi-spontaneous bit of fun. Laura pretty much did it for me as I sat over the bath on Friday.

I've got a few photos from Friday night. They don't just show the hair dyed though, I also had my hair spiked with this strong UV reactive blue gel. I then went out to the union club (The Cube). You can see the photos here and judge how silly it looks for yourself.

...and I'm still thinking "wtf?" when I look in the mirror.

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by Mac at 18:59 on 01st Mar 2005
Heh, it's awesome :D Y'know, I still get that "wtf?" thing every time I look in the mirror and see my hair long. It's been 4 years and I'm STILL not used to it... It's an exciting surprise every morning.

Wedding Day
   at 17:24 on Sun 27th February 2005
This weekend Laura was visiting, yay. Laura, Chris and myself were eating tea in the kitchen and were talking about the wedding Chris went to recently. Being as naughty as I am, I said that I bet the bride "got her skirt lifted that night".

Laura, being as innocent as she is, didn't realise what I meant. I tried to explain that it is traditional for the bride and groom to have hot steamy passionate sex on the night of the wedding. I must have tried to politely explain it badly because Laura asked whether everyone got to lift the brides skirt on the wedding day.

So Chris added that according to old laws or chuch stuff or something, without sex on the day of marriage, the wedding was not considered valid and the couple were still single. On understanding this, Laura then said she assumed that the groom "lifts the brides skirt" in front of everyone at the reception.

Teehee. She's so innocent and lovable.

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Exam Results
   at 10:27 on Thu 24th February 2005
It's not even mid morning yet and I've already learnt a huge lesson in life today. Don't get your exam results before the pubs open just in case you need to get to one as soon as you've been told the news.

My best module was 83% which is bloody good, I think. But then I had a couple of modules which really dragged me down. If I say I was dragged down to 65% average for this semester it sounds much better than to say I got a 46% and 50%.

I talked a couple of posts back about just how much I care about Uni and this relentless education system. Do you think it shows in my results?

[Edit: I typoed the average before. Corrected from 56 to 65. :-)]

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by Mac at 13:01 on 26th Feb 2005
Don't worry, Matt. Nearly there :) Do some work this semester and you'll easily get a 2:1. You know it'll be worth it - it's 3/4 months hard work and then you can forget about it forever...

Half Past Eight
   at 08:36 on Thu 24th February 2005
I haven't had a 9am lecture for over a year and a half. What the hell do the University think they're playing at giving me three consecutive semesters away from them and in my final semester of my University career throw one back into my timetable.

My body can't handle this these days!

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by Andrew at 10:04 on 24th Feb 2005
It's to train you for "the real world". Then again I have to be at work for 05:45 some days... at least the uni don't make lectures start then in order to cater for that experience :)

by Matt at 10:28 on 24th Feb 2005
But that's for money. I don't get any money for getting up to campus for 9am. In fact, if it weren't for the Government paying all my fees, I'd be having to PAY to be up at 9am!

Long Time
   at 22:36 on Wed 23rd February 2005
I guess I should write something about what I've been up to. Despite my apathy towards education and working at the moment, I've been pretty busy... I've got a final design for my 3rd year project and working towards implementing it now. I've almost entirely finished the freelance webdesign work I'm doing. I've been to all of my lectures since I last posted. I've also managed my time so I've relaxed a bit too.

Perhaps the reason things have been going well is because of the energy and enthusiasm I've been given by Laura and I declaring ourselves an item. I was up in Bath (her Uni) this weekend and most importantly I played the worst pool of my life. Secondly I was introduced to Subway and I'm quite fond of their yummy sandwiches.

She's coming down to Southampton tomorrow I hope, and I'm looking forward to it. I've for once, got some things planned to keep us entertained for the weekend..... no, not like that.

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End of Uni
   at 18:39 on Fri 11th February 2005
Today we've had our boilers (one central heating and the other hot water) checked and surveyed. Our landlord, John, was here to oversee the work and keep an eye on the guy doing the job. Whilst I was making a cup of tea for the gas guy, I was talking to my landlord about how close it was to the end of Uni and how I can't believe it's gone so quickly.

I'm off out to the Hobbit pub tonight and was looking at some "reviews" people have submitted about it on some websites. These two things aren't totally unrelated...

For ages I've been fed up with the education system. I'm exhausted and no longer care for the learn for a few weeks, exam, results, learn, exam, results, learn, exam, results cycle. I've lost motivation for it all and can't wait to get out of here and get into the real world.

I always knew I would, but today I've started to realise just how much I'm going to miss this lifestyle. I'll miss the people mostly, of course. But I'll miss the freedom, the independance, the spare time, the pubs, the trips to the Isle of Wight, the random visiting friends, random guests visiting me, the quiz each week, decamping to the union bar whenever I'm bored. There is so much I've done in the time I've spent at Uni. I've experienced so many new things and I've got more memories than I think I can ever remember.

I just wish the passion I have for the lifestyle was mirrored in my academic work, and also that the gas guy hadn't broken the water boiler earlier.

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by Mac at 21:22 on 11th Feb 2005
I know how you feel Matt, I'm the same - education just seems a bit of a joke these days. It's a problem though, because the lifestyle is far too fantastic to leave behind. I won't be changing my ways when I leave for as long as possible...

by mad_gemma at 02:46 on 12th Feb 2005
being a recent graduate, dude, trust me, make the most of the time you have left at uni. Going out on a weeknight takes its toll on you

But still, great to see you tonight, we need to catch up properly at some point :)

by Matt at 12:03 on 12th Feb 2005
Was good to see you too, Gemma. I shall make the most of my time here, certainly; I've just had 3 gigs in 6 days. :P

Likewise Mac, I hope that grown up post-Uni life is prepared for me bringing the Uni style of life through to it. :)

by Andrew at 10:56 on 13th Feb 2005
As Gemma said - make the most of these last few months and no matter how hard you try it's difficult, nay impossible to have the same style of lifestyle on the outside world. I think I've mentioned to you at least once that I miss being at uni, although the concept of pay day being more than twice a year, and not having to pay that money back, is a nice one.

   at 12:18 on Fri 11th February 2005
So last Sunday I went to the Green Day gig. It was fantastic. I don't feel all excited or energetic about it anymore, so I'm not really able to think of extravegant words to say about it. But it was nonetheless very enjoyable.

New Found Glory supported, the only topless guy in their band -would- have to be the topless one. He wobbled. Vile.

Laura (from my old home) visited Monday to Thursday this week. She's always good company and was well behaved. It was a pleasure to see her for a few days. Although she did end up forcing me to spend 21 on yet another gig, as I mentioned in my last post.

Runrig were fantastic. As it was my third gig in six days, the novelty of going to gigs had worn off. So it meant that I could sit there (it was an entirely seated event) and appreciate the greatness. I was really happy when they did "Skye" and then "Loch Lomond" in their second encore.

Life now needs to get back to some normal routine of lectures and learning, though. I had hoped after my week and a bit off Uni and trying to relax that I'd be more enthusiastic about Uni and have more energy. But I'm still groggy, I was bitching at Big Richard last night and again this morning; Although he -was- being a tart. It might also be that I've been ill twice in two weeks. Hmpf..

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   at 13:53 on Tue 8th February 2005
I shall talk about the Green Day gig when I have a few spare moments... But I just wanted to share the fact that I've just been spontaneous and bought tickets from the Guildhall to see Runrig tonight. Whee.

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by Becky Koehler (mum L at 21:10 on 08th Feb 2005
Going to see Green day in June! Woohoo!! Should have seen them last week but ticket mix up what an arse!!

   at 10:40 on Sun 6th February 2005
Randomly on IRC last night, someone mentioned a site called Gnoosic which suggests new music based on artists you tell it are your favourites. I was rather sceptical about how well it worked after I tried it.

But this morning, I'm pretty amazed at how well it worked for me. My three artists were Apocalyptica, Sigur Ros and Electrelane. It told me that I'd probably like a group called Mogwai. I'm listening to some of their stuff now and the site wasn't wrong. It's great music and I can hear bits of all three of my artists in their music.

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by Mac at 18:57 on 06th Feb 2005
Get on Audioscrobbler. It told me that I am the cultural elite - every band it's suggested so far has been one I already know. :D

   at 12:04 on Sat 5th February 2005
The fire. Brixton Academy was on fire. Oh my god, the fire.

Whoever introduced me to Apocalyptica (the band supporting Rammstein for the February dates of their current tour) really really needs to see them live. They are absolutely fantastic. I knew loads of the tracks they played, especially enjoying the track they opened with: Path and the track they ended on: Their rendition of In The Hall Of The Mountain King. I've never seen people play the cello so amazingly fast. They made cellos more cool than chocolate and sex at the same time. They're crazy, mad.

But Rammstein. Oh my god the fire. I didn't think I'd enjoy the gig as much as I did. I was center front about 5 people back for alot of the gig. (I then got too squashed so moved back a bit to where it was a little quieter). But they are fucking amazing. They put on the best show I've ever seen. The pyrotechnics and the stage were just brilliant.

During Amerika, a track off their new album Reise Reise, the keyboard guy had a modded Segway with his keyboard attached. He flew around the stage on this segway playing his keyboard. Then during a track I can't remember, one of the guitarists jumped into a huge inflatable dingy and crowd surfed around the audience.

And the fire. Oh my god, the fire. Three of them had firemask things. They blew fire about 20 feet into the air as they sang. Huge fuckoff flames that give you a tan. And the robotic style flamethrowers that he wore on his arms too. Oh, and the flashy bangy rocket style things flying over the crowd. Wow. The flames, the flares. The pyrotechnics. Oh my god, the fire.

A day of rest today (popping over to Portsmouth to meet some friends from the net) and then tomorrow: Greenday.

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by the_angry_angel at 15:37 on 05th Feb 2005
Damn you kloopy. I'm jealous :(

by Mac at 17:17 on 05th Feb 2005
It was quite good, wasn't it? :D There's pictures up on RockSoc's message board -

by a-v0id at 21:14 on 05th Feb 2005
Sounds supercool! I'm jealous I wasn't there, and I'm not a gig type of a guy. ;)