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Posts from 01st Jan 2005 to 31st Jan 2005.
   at 20:11 on Fri 28th January 2005

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by mad_gemma at 00:57 on 29th Jan 2005
awww cool. Well done :) You should have come out with us tonight :)

but still, good news that it went well! :) Just make sure you take *some* of that break to relax...

Favourite Sound
   at 16:11 on Thu 27th January 2005

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Given Up
   at 13:14 on Wed 26th January 2005

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by mad_gemma at 13:25 on 26th Jan 2005
I have to agree, AI was possibly the worst exam I took whilst at uni. Esp with the lecturer.. *shakes fist at evil man*

But somehow I thought I failed it, and was down cos it was on my 21st birthday, yet came out with 35 as my mark, thus not a fail!

Good luck dude! Im sure u'll be fine :) xx

by Matt at 16:18 on 26th Jan 2005
The question I answered best (Question 5 for those who did it) on any other paper I'd class as a dodgy answer. But on this, I though it was my best. That's bad.

I now have a redundant tree in the form of an AI text book sitting on my beanbag.

by Clare at 18:16 on 26th Jan 2005
I too did question 5, and I too wasn't happy with it. AI is poo, but on the plus side, AI is over!

Horray for that.

   at 15:37 on Tue 25th January 2005

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by Etomology Nazi at 21:32 on 25th Jan 2005
lbs is derived from the Latin "libra" (meaning weighing scales), hence, lb. When pluralised in English, it becomes lbs.

by Matt at 12:07 on 26th Jan 2005
Thank you.

by 'Lose' not 'Loose' guy at 12:55 on 24th Mar 2005
That should be 'Lose', not 'Loose'.

by Matt at 09:24 on 21st Apr 2005 that who I think it is?

Students Union Quiz
   at 22:06 on Mon 24th January 2005

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by Rich at 13:34 on 25th Jan 2005
Paula Radcliffe was No. 2 I think, but in any case, the missing answer is "Manchester Utd." But who will be the new Quiz Master?

by Matt at 15:33 on 25th Jan 2005
Thanks, heh. Edited to reflect that. And who indeed.

Feeling Ill
   at 11:30 on Mon 24th January 2005

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by mad_gemma at 16:14 on 24th Jan 2005
I'd tell someone like Uncle Eric about being ill over the exam period if you havent already.. Best to be safe :)

Hope u feel better soon dude, great to see you Friday (even if i didnt talk to you *that* much :) )

by Rey at 14:57 on 25th Jan 2005
Do you have the mumps? Theyre going around :/

by Matt at 15:33 on 25th Jan 2005
I considered the mumps, but no swelling anywhere. Also considered Meningitis, but no rashes anywhere. It's Tuesday now and I'm still not feeling back to normal.

Perhaps as someone suggested it is just stress-induced.

Public Transport
   at 11:23 on Mon 24th January 2005

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by Jas at 17:40 on 24th Jan 2005

p.s i travel on public transport every single day to uni, life cant get any better!

by Matt at 21:54 on 24th Jan 2005
I have to say though, the Undergound was absolutely fine for me this time. :P

   at 16:04 on Tue 11th January 2005

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by Alisdair at 10:27 on 12th Jan 2005
Apocalyptica are very interesting to listen to. Unsurprisingly disliked by the classical music community though...:p

by Mac at 11:25 on 12th Jan 2005
I'm going to the Rammstein gig on the 3rd. I love Apocalyptica, it's gonna be aaaace :D

by Matt at 12:05 on 12th Jan 2005
I'm there on the 6th, I think. Or was it the 4th.

One of them is Rammstein, one of them is Greeday, I don't remember which way round the gigs are. Hehe.

by Clare at 19:08 on 12th Jan 2005
Hey, some of us like classical music as well as hard metal type stuff :p

Anyway, sounds like you're in for a treat both nights, Matt. Yay you!

Day Seven
   at 15:42 on Fri 7th January 2005

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by Clare at 10:58 on 08th Jan 2005
Crazy stuff! I can see why you're not sure about whether you want to do this. For what it's worth:

1) Speaking as someone that drinks fairly often, but is also happy to go out and not drunk, it honestly IS possible to have fun out and about without drinking :)

2) That said, it's your choice what you do! It'd be cool for you to stick to it for the experience, but you've done one week. A month with only three drinking days is still an improvement :)

by mad_gemma at 16:36 on 08th Jan 2005
dont forget the fact those nasty exams are coming up, and as they finish ( i presume) outside of January you can celebrate that the time saved from not drinking goes into revision and you do great! :)

by Reyhan at 01:29 on 09th Jan 2005
You need to watch yourself when you go _back_ on the alcohol after being off it for a month! Danger!

Day Four
   at 22:38 on Tue 4th January 2005

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And The Results
   at 23:44 on Sun 2nd January 2005

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by Clare at 00:16 on 03rd Jan 2005
Wow. That is indeed an awful lot of alcohol! Good luck with the Non-Drinking Month of January. If it'll help, I can join you in non-drinkage when we're at the quiz etc. :)

by Spero melior at 01:01 on 03rd Jan 2005
Try being sober for 24 months without going completely nuts!

by Mac at 09:59 on 03rd Jan 2005
You're sick. Not drinking? Disgusting.

by mad_gemma at 11:43 on 03rd Jan 2005
But duuuuude. its my birthday in a few weeks! :)

Dear god, I dread to think what the count at new years was.. :S

But well done, i certainly couldnt give it up..

by Caeci caecos ducente at 19:27 on 03rd Jan 2005
Perhaps it could be considered equally sick and disgusting to spend large quantities of money to mildly poison yourself on a frequent basis.

by Marv at 22:44 on 03rd Jan 2005
Stupid twat! Get on with it and drink!

Your a student and your invincible!

by Reyhan at 04:14 on 04th Jan 2005
Good luck!

by Matt at 22:11 on 04th Jan 2005
I feel sober already, and it's four days. And yeah, it's stupid to have spent all that money. That's one of the reasons for my month of sobriety.