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Posts from 01st Nov 2004 to 30th Nov 2004.
   at 23:44 on Mon 29th November 2004
This evening I received an email that made me stop and think, unusualy about the project that I work on for paid work.

My parents want a new computer system so gave me a budget and asked me to purchase an entirely new computer. On recommendation, I went and filled my basked with all the necessary bits. I made absolutely sure that every item I ordered was in stock so that the computer would be delivered by the Friday (I ordered on Tuesday) since I was vising my parents this weekend.

When the order page told me my order was awaiting stock I was curious so filed a support request with their support team. The responce was awful and didn't answer my question of whether they were in stock (according to the website) or not.

So I decided to email the managing director, since housemate Chris knew his address. I received a responce within a few hours. He explained how a lot of their competitors showed the stock they had in their warehouses aggregated with the stock they had at the manufacturers already bought by them.

Dabs used to, apparantly, distinguish between these two types of "in stock" but the recent culture of buying by price alone, not support, meant that customers were going to those website which showed items being in stock, even if they weren't.

David Atherton, the MD, explains how Dabs was forced to switch to using that slight deception because of the disregard for previous service brought on by price engines.

The whole tone of his email was stressed, tired and exhausted. He is blatantly against the way the UK industry is becoming the `American "as we say or not at all" world`.

I was personally very happy that he took the time to respond and explain why I had experienced the apparant disagreement between the website and stock control system.

But it made me think, my project for paid work is a price engine for the low cost flight industry. There are many engines out there, but we're the best (of course). But for the first time, I've begun to think of the implications for the companies involved rather than the excitement about creating a webservice that can find flights from 100 airlines and book them without the user even knowing where they bought their ticket from!

I now wonder what effect the internet will have on the economy over the next 20 years or so as ecommerce becomes even more popular and as we use price engines to ensure we get the best deal going.

I for one, would love to go back to the old company/customer personal values that I remember existing even in my own life. The trouble is, I think, that the internet bandwagon is going far too fast to change direction now, sad as it is.

[Edit]Apparantly I was one of 10 "the truth" tests he was trying this evening. It worked for me.

`Another guy asked for dimensions on a flash card and I said you don't
need them, you're just testing if we have people. And he agreed.

I hate people like that, who waste other's precious time. When ever I send correspondance it's always because I have a proper need, not as a stupid test like that.

And to close his email he wished me a good night. How often is it that the managing director of a huge company like Dabs does that. I shall sleep all warm and fuzzy tonight.[/Edit]

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   at 21:23 on Mon 29th November 2004
Crap crap crap. Coursework is a strain on life. It's a pain in the arse. I've got eBusiness which still isn't finished. I really needed to get it done before the weekend because I knew I'd have no time over the w/e and that on Monday I'd have to write my IT Profession stuff and then on Tuesday I'd have to review 4 5k word papers.

I'm getting snowed under. Ouch.

And I could really do with a thesaurus that has antonyms (if that's what they're actually called.) I have been told it's a good thing to phrase things in the positive form. For example saying "He completed the project within the time limit" rather than "He was five minutes from going over his deadline." And shit like that. But I can't think of decent happy phrases this late in the day.

Damn it.

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Gurl Skillz
   at 09:31 on Sat 27th November 2004
I quite enjoyed the Cube last night, I don't think I got too many crotch buddy warnings however I got to talk to lots of girls.

I managed at final count to flirt with 34 women, with a fairly good response in general. I was trying out my chatup line;

Excuse me, do you know the average weight of a polar bear?
Just enough to break the ice, my name's Matt.

Mostly, they'd laugh and tell me that it's better than most lines they'd heard. However some did give constructive help. For example, according to one girl, the best chat up line is "Hi, can I buy you a drink?". And there was Rebecca who I chatted to for about 5 minutes, who seemed rather lovely actually. Oh, and the one who asked who'd put me up to trying the chatup line. And then the one who thought I was hitting on them to whom I replied "No, just wanted to see how the chatup line worked." which I now realise might not have been the answer with the most successful outcome.

I should've quit whilst I was ahead really, because on the way home I tried it with two girls we randomly saw on campus. Their were the only negative responses all night; "That's shit, sod off."

Admittedly, I quickly forgot about them because we were entertained by finding part of a rowing machine in a skip on campus and taking it back as this weeks beer trophy.

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by Mad_Gemma at 11:59 on 27th Nov 2004
it was a pretty impressive show of skills, young man. Well done :)

And you were up early.. I only just managed to get up! Then again, i did drink a TAD too much.. :S I regret it now..

by Stuart at 16:48 on 27th Nov 2004
Lol... I was trying out that line last week at the union :p I thought it was you who'd told me it :o)

I had some mixed success too, but it made for a fun evening!

by Andrew at 19:18 on 27th Nov 2004
Perhaps you should combine the advice you were given with the line you already have as in:
"Just enough to break the ice, my name's Matt, can I buy you a drink?"

   at 20:32 on Fri 26th November 2004
For some reason, I'm listening to Blink 182 and really enjoying their lively happy style. Yay. Been swimming, been to the bar, eaten and soon off to the Cube for a night of chilling, drinking and musical happiness!

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by Anon. at 22:08 on 26th Nov 2004

by Anon. at 22:08 on 26th Nov 2004

by Anon. at 22:08 on 26th Nov 2004

by Matt at 09:20 on 27th Nov 2004
lol. I've no idea.

by Rey at 08:10 on 29th Nov 2004
We have tickets to the Blink concert on Thursday night!

Now should i be admitting to that ;)

RSI doesn't stop..
   at 11:38 on Fri 26th November 2004 from making bacon sandwiches though. Yum.

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   at 10:38 on Fri 26th November 2004
I now realise why we're always advised not to leave coursework to the last minute, even if we think we're academically capapable of finishing it within minutes of the deadline.

I know full well that I could complete my eBusiness coursework today, but this morning my hand is worse than yesterday. When we went bowling, I did one strange bowl and must have pulled some muscle or something in my hand. I've pulled my hand away from the keyboard 6 times whilst writing this already it aches/hurts that much.

Being able to type 5 minutes at a time before it hurts to hold my hands in the keyboard position is going to be quite a hindrance to my coursework.


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by Gordon at 23:05 on 26th Nov 2004
wow. 5 minutes? thats good :)

Internet Bravery
   at 23:02 on Thu 25th November 2004
For some reason I've had a desire to get a nice quality picture of a pine forest, looking up through the trees. It's a nice picture in my head and I'd like to see it on computer.

I remember using Webshots years ago when they were completely free and I was very impressed with them. But now, they charge to download their high quality photos and to download more than one photo at a time.

So I decided that I'd subscribe. For $3.99 I'm planning on being a member for one month, downloading all the decent stuff and then cancelling the subscription. Hopefully, there won't be any problems.

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by Clare at 09:55 on 26th Nov 2004
Wow - I'd forgotten about Webshots. Coolitude. :)

Leet Time
   at 22:10 on Thu 25th November 2004
I'm not sure whether you're aware of this one particular, and very special, time. It occurs once a day and has a huge effect on many people worldwide.

At 23 minutes to 2 in the afternoon, at precisely 1:37pm, at 13:37, we collectively experience leet time.

I've done many things during the minute of leet time before. I have been walking, in a lecture, in a car, on a train, in a bus, eating, drinking soft drinks, drinking alcohol. I've been gardening, washing up, doing coursework and playing games.

But, until today, I had never spent leet time.. diving. Today, for the first time in my life, I was mid-dive for leet time; a completely exhilarating experience. I continued to dive a further four times until we ticked over to 13:38.

I feel special.

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by Mac at 12:06 on 26th Nov 2004
Ah, it always makes me smile to see a clock at 13:37. Maybe that's why I have no friends. :D

by Gordon at 23:02 on 26th Nov 2004
Yes, leet time is good. I distinctly remeber caning around country roads, and also a few times doing some coding i considered to be good at the time (but later turned out to be cack)...

   at 22:04 on Thu 25th November 2004
Yes, there's some pun with three/tree. I couldn't think of anything else. But basically, I've just spent the last hour procrastinating and I've come up with a nice D(ish)-HTML page that contains all my mp3 collection in a collapsable/expandable tree.

You can view it here. And the source here.

Now, it's too late to do anything substantial on eBusiness coursework, so I think I'll go to bed and read for a bit.

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Great Music
   at 15:28 on Thu 25th November 2004
I don't remember ever talking much about music here before. I started my coursework in silence and was wondering what was wrong. Eventually, I started Winamp and went through a couple of tracks on shuffle until something I fancied came up.

I'm not listening to Morceeba, and they're so good. Why haven't I been into them before?!

By the way, I think I'm sober now.

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by Clare at 17:01 on 25th Nov 2004
You certainly weren't earlier :) Bless your little cotton socks, etc!

Good luck with ebus.

by Andrew at 22:18 on 25th Nov 2004
You think you're sober?
This calls for urgent action!

TO THE PUB!!! :p

Spinney Spinney
   at 09:20 on Thu 25th November 2004
Last night Chris, Hayley and I went bowling, then spend about 6 hours in the kitchen drinking wine and playing Chess. (By the way, when I typed the word wine I felt physically ill. :/)

I got drunk. Very rather really drunk. Now this morning, I've been up 20 minutes; fallen over in the bathroom when I yawned because I absent mindedly forgot that dispite yawning, I still needed to keep my legs still and stand up; had two pints of water; and still feel more dehydrated than the Atacama Desert.

You might be thinking, why is Matt up at 9am. The question on my mind is whether there are any rules about turning up pissed to a lecture. :/

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Multimedia Systems
   at 11:13 on Tue 23rd November 2004
I've done it. 4000 words, just over 6 pages. I hate the style of language it ended up with, though that's probably my fault. And I hate the structure and I hate all the writing I do unless I choose to do it.


But still, it's out of the way until I need to do my second draft in about a weeks time.

The next piece of coursework is my eBusiness Website. But that can wait, I've got a Multimedia Systems website to design. Shit thing is, I'm in no mood for web design, I want to chill out, it feels like there's too much blood in my body and that I'm bloated and going to explode. If you get what I mean.

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by Mac at 19:34 on 23rd Nov 2004
Umm, ebusiness can wait? Friday deadline?

by Stuart at 00:52 on 24th Nov 2004
Try sending some of your blood in a southerly direction, that normally helps me chill out...

by Reyhan at 03:53 on 25th Nov 2004
Whoa 4000 words! Sounds painful.

Academic Motivation
   at 21:39 on Sat 20th November 2004
I'm so bored and fed up with the paper I talked about in my last post that I'm procrastination to new levels...

I've been googling for topics such as "Motivation problems with academic work". Alot of the sites that are returned talk about motivation in infant and primary schools. Alot of emphasis is placed on parents and teachers encouraging work by prasing things that children do well or work hard on. Appreciation is one of the basic things, apparantly, that spurs us on to work hard and produce good output.

Perhaps that's the problem I have at Uni, the fact that there is no praise what so ever. It's one thing having friends tell you they like a bit of your coursework or something you've done as a hobby, but I can't remember a single point in my nearly two and a half years at Uni where a piece of my Uni work has been given praise by a lecturer or staff member.

I don't mean to sound egotistic or attention seeking, but when someone goes that little way to be nice, it produces a lovely warm happy feeling.

It's like when I was in ASDA yesterday, buying food for the week I was feeling faint and stressed. The lady behind the counter was absolutely lovely. She chatted lots and put a smile on my face. But the main thing was she took 1 off my shopping, for no reason but "good will". She said that out of everyone she serves, it's probably someone like me (as a student) that'd appreciate it most. And I did. It was wonderful.

I don't like it when people feel they have to do something nice, but it'd be good if it was done more often, as long as it's completely genuine.

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by Gordon at 22:55 on 26th Nov 2004
I think the main point of uni is to teach people that good work doesn't go noticed - just do enough, and do what you like in your free time. btw. people in Asda always ask me how my day was - I think its a rule - they never seem to care, but they're forced to ask it...

Multimedia Systems
   at 19:30 on Sat 20th November 2004
Due to a high workload and, in part, to laziness, I've ended up having this weekend solely to research and write my paper for the Multimedia Systems Conference.

It'd be a suitable point to say now that it's shit and I hate writing long things like this, even if it's on a subject that excites me. I find writing, even if it's technical extremely stressful and annoying. Rah.

But the point I wanted to make was that for the first time I realised the effects of a small amount of alcohol. I realise that the limit for driving a vehicle is 2 UK Units but I've always questioned the effect this has on your ability to think and react to stimulation.

For the past hour I've been sipping just one glass of Tia Maria and Orange Juice (it's so nice it deserves the capitals). And I'm already finding it really hard to concentrate and produce the English language for the thoughts running through my head. I'm finding myself writing and re-writing each sentence a number of times until I even vaugley find something that relates to what I want to say.

You can always tell when I've been writing compulsory stuff, because my hair is on it's end as I've run my hands through my hair so many times!

[EDIT]I think this is what's stopping me from making a start on my third year project write up.[/EDIT]

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by Clare at 13:08 on 21st Nov 2004
Do you not enjoy writing your blog? Presumably you do, or you wouldn't. That's writing, too :)

by Mad_Gemma at 17:05 on 21st Nov 2004
Trust me dude, dont worry too much about the paper. You can get a good mark without TOO much effort (I mean, I got 64% I think overall, which I was totally happy with) and the exam is 50%, which is nice, as it was open book for us and Im sure it will be for you.. :)

The paper isnt as difficult or complex as many people think it will be. You just have to have chosen a topic which interests you and isnt too difficult to get information on! Mine took about a weekend MAX to collect data on and write..

I'm sure it'll be fine.. Its a nice break from the project writeup, I found. :P

Half-Life 2
   at 23:16 on Wed 17th November 2004
I've completed about three quarters of Halflife 2 now, and so I think I'm able to give my first impressions at this point.

It's a great game, I can't think of a single thing that's actually wrong with it. The graphics are immense, the AI is brilliant, the weapons are well balanaced, the storyline is well thought out and the enemies are varied and interesting. The gameplay and feel has even modernised and progressed from Halflife 1.

However, I can't help thinking it's not as good as most people around the world are making out. It's already received nominations for "Game of the Year", "Best FPS Action Game", "Best PC Game" and "Best New Technology". I agree that it should be winning awards and that perhaps it is the best game out this year, but theres something not quite perfect about it...

I think the problem is that, for me, HL1 was one continuous action/puzzle gameplay, it was well paced and fun all the time; Whereas in HL2, the action can get drawn out a little too long and some "chapter"s end up with me asking "when is this going to finish".

In HL1, there was clear progession right thoughtout the game. But in HL2, the sections of the game are clearly defined. I think back to the airboat chapter, to the coast road chapter, to the mines, etc, and I recall them clearly. The graphics and gameplay are ace in all these sections. But there isn't anything that really links all these consituent parts of the game.

In HL1, I got a sense of the geographical layout of the game, but with this sequel I find myself wondering where I am and what I'm aiming for. I've read interviews with Gabe Newell (co-founder of Valve, who produced HL2) and he says that alot fo the storyline was cut down because it was too overwhelming and boring. Perhaps they've taken it too far.

But still, as I said, it's an amazing game, exciting, adrenaline rushing and absolutely amazingly beautiful. Fairly high marks from me.

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by Noctu at 00:17 on 18th Nov 2004
I've finished it already; it does drag a bit towards the middle, but past Nova Prospekt it really picks up again and goes lully.

Get on IRC some time, I've been needing to speak to you for a while, and my phone's being a whore.

by Stuart at 02:19 on 18th Nov 2004
I can't comment on Half Life 2 yet, but I've really enjoyed completing Halo 2 on heroic mode. The story was good, the environments are detailed and getting to play as a cloaked covenant, wielding a light sword, was serious fun :o)

Overall I still prefer PC gaming to consoles, but there's a lot to be said for sitting down on the sofa with a mate, attempting suicidaly difficult co-operative missions...

by Noctu at 13:54 on 18th Nov 2004

by Stuart at 16:53 on 18th Nov 2004
*Goes off to buy new gfx card...

by Stuart at 22:52 on 19th Nov 2004
Actually, it's running much better than expected on my current hardware config :o) So much for doing coursework this weekend!

Halflife 2
   at 15:58 on Fri 12th November 2004
I've purchsed the Sexy Silver version of Halflife 2 from Steam, which is great. I've preloaded the whole game and I'm just waiting to play it as soon as Valve, Halflife2's creators, unlock it.

There was a statement made by Doug Lambardi, the PR guy for Valve that said basically people who buy the game through their content management system, Steam, will get it as soon as people get the retail game.

Many people, internet wide have understood this to mean that as soon as a copy is sold, legally, in a shop somewhere in the world, Valve will release the game via Steam for all the people in my siutation to play.

I'm hoping that this doesn't happen, as after the lecture I'm about to go to, I'm spending the weekend with housemate Chris's family, helping them move into their new house.

So, Valve, Please don't release the game just yet. Wait until Tuesday, the official release day. Tsk.

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by Noctu... at 19:28 on 12th Nov 2004
Valve is controlling the Steam releases; it's Vivendi that's controlling the shop releases. That's what they mean by 'as soon as it's avaliable'.

If Vivendi put the game out early, Steam unlocks early. There's not too much to worry about, though; even if someone gets ahold of a copy before it's meant to be released, they'll still have to unlock it via Steam.

Which is shit if you don't have an internet connection.

by rich at 10:15 on 14th Nov 2004
edit: 8am on tuesday.

Mid-Tidy Update
   at 11:57 on Fri 12th November 2004
So it's like 2 hours later and I've only just discovered that I have a carpet in my room.

The sun is shining which is nice. However, the downside is that it's illuminating the dust really well; sitting just a foot from my monitor I can only just make out what I'm typing.

This room can't have been healthy. :)

[Also, I've updated the timezone on this server, so subsequent posts won't have really strange times and dates.]

Four comments
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by Matt at 11:58 on 12th Nov 2004
Damn linux and it's complicated sysclock/hwclock system.

I think it's sorted now, though.

by Matt at 11:59 on 12th Nov 2004
Grah, perhaps now?

by Rey at 14:41 on 12th Nov 2004
Hows the finger?

by Matt at 15:54 on 12th Nov 2004
Almost perfect now, thanks. When I bend it into my palm, I can get it within about a millimeter of touching. So perhaps a day or so left till it's properly sorted.

Let's sort this out...
   at 01:31 on Fri 12th November 2004
First thing's first; I'm not going to be able to start working properly or feeling good until at least my bedroom is tidy.

I can't use my desk when it contains:
  • 13 glasses
  • 1 empty bottle of wine
  • 2 cans of beer
  • 1 can of coke
  • 1 bottle of coke
  • 3 random CDs (probably now too scratched to use)
  • and - Oh My God - a Portswood Chicken Burger from about 12 days ago. Yuk.
I wish I'd not chosen to list that now. Oh, and there under the plate are the two drum sticks I thought I had lost.

Two comments
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by Clare at 02:01 on 12th Nov 2004
Tidying is good. At least you noticed that it needs doing. :)

For what it's worth, and I'm sure you know this already, it'll all seem much easier if you view the huge pile of everything that needs doing as lots of small steps, and go one at a time.

This is something I really need to do as well!

by Matt at 12:01 on 12th Nov 2004
Yup, tottally agree. Which is the reason I thought I'd start by getting my room habitable. I do, however, want to just go outside and sit in the sun, it's nice and warm. :)

Exhaustion and Apathy
   at 14:21 on Thu 11th November 2004
It\'s nice to have a blog, it can act as your gateway to the world. And the world has a great nack of being anonymous and non-personal. One can talk to the world very easily via a blog without fear of chat-back or insult. It can act as someone to talk to.

It\'s wierd, there are so many people I know I can turn to and talk to on a serious and emotional level. I\'m feeling quite stressed at the moment, simply because I know where I am in my long-term emotional cycle.

I\'ve been on this downward facing slope many times before and I recognise it now. My social life, Uni work, paid work, and other things take up more time than I have. There are loads of courseworks and my 3rd year project, lots of things to do at work and friends to spend time with too.

But I seem to be only getting about 4 hours of useful time out of each day however hard I try, uncontrollable apathy. I think what annoys me most is that while I\'m stressed I\'m groggy, apprehensive and confrontational with my housemates and friends.

Anyway, if I say anymore I\'ll come across more down than I am. I think I just need a few nights good sleep to get awake enough to do some productive and useful work on all these concurrent projects.

*gets changed for bed*

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by Stuart at 16:18 on 11th Nov 2004
If it makes you feel any better, I\'ve also been on a bit of a downer lately too. It happens when I can\'t deal with everything that\'s being thrown at me.

My final yr at uni is going ok, but it\'s a lot of work and it\'s very stressful. My social life is seriously screwed up, seeing train crashes in the news really doesn\'t help the feeling that I\'m not in control of my life, and the frequent headaches are really starting to piss me off.

by Matt at 12:01 on 12th Nov 2004
But the Christmas break is only, what, 5 weeks away.

So it's not too much to get though. At least that's what I'm telling myself to make it go quicker. If I drag it out in my head, I'll only get more stressed.

by Stuart at 14:08 on 13th Nov 2004
Yes, it's not too bad, only 27 days left :o) Plus, watching scrubs and playing halo 2 really helps take my mind off the deadlines!

Small Bugs
   at 21:37 on Mon 8th November 2004
At the start of the weekend in Southwold, I was bitten by some small insect bug thing on my right middle finger.

My whole finger and right hand is massively inflamed, red and extremely hot to the touch. I was recommended by the kind lady in Boots Pharmacy that going to my GP immediately was the best thing to do. So it can't be as unimportant as I thought. I shall pop along to University Health Service tomorrow if it's not improved at all.

But, I wanted to find out just how hot my finger is. As a control, my left finger skin surface temperature measures in at 28.6 celcius. The damaged right finger is currently flaming at 32.8 celcius.

And it's so damned itchy.

Three comments
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by Aer at 18:42 on 10th Nov 2004
Yep, that would be right:

or, in non medicy terms:
also loss of function

by Reyhan at 11:48 on 11th Nov 2004
Thats a spicey meatball!

by Reyhan at 11:49 on 11th Nov 2004

Fear my ignorance.

That Train Crash
   at 20:39 on Mon 8th November 2004
As you're probably well aware if you're in the UK, there was a pretty bad train crash at some level crossing between Newbury and Reading this weekend.

When the news first came through, my Dad, Chris, Andrew and I all played a simple wager. The entry was 1 and you had to guess correctly the number of fatalities from the incident there would be at precisely 8am the following morning.

I guessed 6 deaths. I was right. I was all the cash.

Excellent. (Sorry to any of those who were affected by this nasty thing, our bet comes with no intended offense.)

Three comments
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by Anonymous at 21:25 on 08th Nov 2004
You bet on people who died. As a human being, I am offended. And by the way, according to BBC news the death toll is 7, including a nine-year-old girl and her mother.

by Matt at 21:34 on 08th Nov 2004
As a human being, I feel sad for those who have been affected by this whole thing aswell. The whole thing was started before the announcement of any serious injuries and before details came through. And reading the paper this morning, I was shocked to find both that 8 or 9 year old and a 19 year old were killed. The seventh died last night, which is quite bad too.

What makes me most angry about this whole thing though, is that it appears the crash was caused by a suicide. It's a really rather selfish way to end your life, risking the lives of other people.

by anon at 20:00 on 24th Nov 2004
that guy had found out he had hiv he just wanted to end his life quickly and painlessly im sure he didnt realise that people on the train would be endangered especially as a train shouldnt derail when it hits a car on the track. your just jaded bcoz of ur sister your determined not to understand these things because of your own personal feelings, this diappoints me a lot. i feel just as sorry for him as i do for the others anyone who knows anything about these things would now its not about being selfish its about an end to unbearable pain that you obviously dont have the empathy to be able to understand. i think actually putting money on the number of people who dies rather bad taste also.

Homeward Bound
   at 10:16 on Fri 5th November 2004
It's great. I was planning on seeing my parents for two weeks at the end of the Summer holidays. But things cropped up at work and I was unable to which means I've not seen them for months.

This evening, Chris (housemate) and I are travelling up from Southampton and Andrew (ex-housemate) is coming across from Birmingham.

And I'm really looking forward to it. :D

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There have been no comments on this article.

Mad Weekend
   at 11:00 on Tue 2nd November 2004
`Paul and Mist|zzz, two friends from the internet, spent the weekend with us in Southampton. It was damn good fun all the time... at least for me.

For those that have an ounce of interest. On Friday night we had a couple of drinks at our house and then went up to the Union via the chip shop.

During Saturday we went into town, skipped Shakeaway because of the queue, but collected a huge amount of cardboard, duck tape, wallpaper, etc. You see, I was making an outfit for the Halloween party in the Cube. It was good fun, that night, despite the outfit being an absolute failure and me giving up on it.

Apologies to anyone at the Cube who saw Chris and I accidentally looking up when our seats were accidentally next to the stairs and when amazingly attractive girls accidentally were walking up or down the stairs. Heh. Good fun, if a little naughty.

We went to Portswood, to the Charcoal Grill for food after the Cube. Most of us had chicken sandwiches, which are the most tastey burgers ever created. Both our guests agreed on this point.

During the day on Sunday, we went over to Portsmouth to visit three other people we know from IRC. I really enjoyed it, since I haven't seen them since well before the Summer. We had a meal in a pub by the water and then went down to the sea front for a gander. I have to say, with the setting sun and the clean front, I saw Portsmouth in the best light I think I've ever seen it.

`Paul flew back to Manchester on Sunday evening which left Mist|zzz, my housemates and I to go up to the Quiz night at the Union. We did poorly, as we always do, but it's was fun none-the-less.

After the success of eating from the Carcoal Grill on Saturday night, we went back to Portswood for food. We spent a total of 31 on chicken sandwiches between 6 of us. It was absolutely insane, which did admittedly get us a free portion of chips and a free bottle of coke. Two chicked sandwiches consumed by me, this time.

Anyway, that sort of sums up the weekend briefly. It was a damn fun time, in my opinion and I can't wait until we have them back. :-)

The trouble is, I'm behind on 3rd year project and paid work, I've got a mini assignment to do for tomorrow and I've got two birthday cards to buy and send, also I need to update Laura with my alcohol count. She won't be impressed with this weekend's. :(

Best get moving, really.

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