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Posts from 01st Sep 2004 to 30th Sep 2004.
There is a Girl
   at 00:04 on Thu 30th September 2004
[Edit]So I'm back at Southampton and getting very very drunk again. *roll eyes*.

The Terminal is a nice place, but a bit expensive. 2.25 for a pint of Fosters. So we decamped to the Hobbit and stayed there for a while. Got a chicken burger from Portswood. They are the nicest things in the world.

I'm listening to Ultravox - Vienna and it's all sort of yay, lets get up and get things done, I'm in a good mood sort of sounds. So yay. I shall rehydrate myself and tidy.

She's dedicated a number of tracks to me in the past. And if I were to dedicate one track to her, thinking of the past and present feelings for her, it'd have to be Goo Goo Dolls - Iris.

Contact me. Please.

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by Jon at 15:48 on 30th Sep 2004
Mate, Some dilema, why don't you just tell her if you feel that much for her? or is she already taken? then I can see the problem. (found your blog by random if you were questioning who i am)

by Matt at 00:28 on 01st Oct 2004
She's already taken. Which is <del>midly</del> heart-breakingly annoying. But in real life I'm one of the most out going and extravert people you'll come across. Friends will agree with me there, I think. But, when it comes to real emotions, I'm shy. I get the nerves and shakes. When it's about true feelings, my loud exterior breaks down. Which is another reason why I think things with her ended up how they did.

Leeds Photos
   at 23:55 on Mon 27th September 2004
I've just uploaded all the photos I took at Leeds Festival. Yay for the flood of emotion coming back to me. But anyway;

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by Lee at 03:22 on 03rd Jan 2005
Glad to see theyre up at last ! was good to see you in leeds, same place this year ?

Google Bug
   at 19:19 on Sun 26th September 2004
Heh. It's probably not of much interest, but I think I've stumbled upon a bug/glitch in Google.

Do a search that brings up as the first result, "worth 1000 photoshop" will do as one example of such a search.

Google shows the top result as "". Note the 100 rather than 1000. Clicking on this result, takes you to

So why does Google think that an image can only be worth 100 words?

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by Bon at 06:08 on 30th Sep 2004
Think it's to do with W1k, rather than Google. They own as well as Could be something to do with that?...

Back in to the Swing
   at 17:43 on Sun 26th September 2004
So, after Friday night at the Hobbit, consuming 8 cocktails and Saturday night at the famous Opera House in Bournemouth, I think I've successfully kick started my final year of Uni into action.

I've not started to relax yet, after so much work and other stuff towards the end of the Summer break. But I'll be working on that this week, rest assured. (Pun intended)

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Student Life
   at 00:26 on Sun 26th September 2004
I'm getting drunk at the Opera House in Bournemouth where (after entrance fee) the bar is free! Yet I can't seem to de-stress and wind down from work. Fuck sake.

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My Face
   at 15:46 on Sun 19th September 2004
On arrival to Southwold on Friday night, I was bitten by some miscellaneous bug. Ever since then, the bite (on my right cheek) has been getting more and more swollen. The right of my face now looks like I should be 10 stone heavier than I am. The whole of my cheek is as hard as a rock. :-S

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There Is A Girl
   at 22:21 on Sat 18th September 2004
I'm currently in a mood where I want to post this. I may feel like it's a bad idea in the morning and remove it. If you're someone involved, nothing on my part has changed. I just wanted to write how I felt. If you know what this is about and would rather it not be brought back to your attention, just remember I never asked you to read my blog. Thanks

There is a girl. I shant give her name here, for she knows who she is and it's not really suitable for me to share her name with you. But it's about her that my mind has been solely thinking recently. It's quite strange. For months I have convinced myself that she was gone and I had placed her at the back of my mind. This was for the best, really. But for some reason she has recently reentered my thoughts.

This girl is beautiful. She has a lovely personality and one of the most amazing smiles I've ever seen. She's thoughtful, intelligent, she got an amazing memory, she's never rude.. there's something amazing about her that I just can't comprehend or put into words.

I first met her a very long time ago now. The moment I walked into the room and I set eyes on her, something strange happened inside me. I've no idea what it was and I can't describe it using any language I know. But when my eyes met hers, I felt something that I've not experienced before or since. If I had to define "love at first sight", I doubt I'll ever have a better memory to use in that definition.

In the times that I've spent with her and the times that I've touched her, had her in my arms or kissed her, I've been in a different world. I can remember each and every moment I've spent in her company and exactly what happened or was said between us. But I don't remember the surroundings, I don't remember clearly who else was there or what they were doing. Those times were something very special to me.

But, for reasons that'll remain private, I've not spoken to her in months. I had to cut off all communication with her. Those reasons are quite real and I risked a huge amount - not only on my part, but hers - by feeling the feelings I did before we chose to stop talking. But it pains me now, to know that I had fallen for her - like I never imagined I could feel for someone - and now it's all lost.

Just the simple act of thinking about her, talking or writing about her makes me feel butterflys in my stomach. I can close my eyes and picture her perfectly, I can hear her voice and feel her touch. She has done a lot for me and I feel for her unlike I felt for anyone before.

This really isn't an easy thing to say when you're totally sober, and I promise you it's not an infatuation or obsession, but I know that what I feel for her is Love.

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by Bon at 00:22 on 20th Sep 2004
Dude! One day I hope I one day meet someone and feel the way you seemingly feel about this girl. That day will be the beginning of my ascent to heaven.

by SinJax at 16:02 on 24th Sep 2004
Man. Reading this. It gives me some comfort. I'm glad other people feel this way about someone. Its bitch aint it? :)

60 years ago today...
   at 22:38 on Fri 17th September 2004
I'm the least interested in History anyone can be, so I was quite surprised to find myself really interested in the following article from the same newspaper as I mentioned in my last post.

Sixty years ago to the day, Operation Market Garden was launched by the Allies to push into Germany from Holland and bring the Second World War in Europe to a rapid end.

It was the largest airbourne battle in history, involving thousands of aircraft and armoured vehicles, and hundreds of thousands of troops.

The weather was absolutely crucial for the airlift, and meterologists forecast at least two days of clear weather starting on September 17th 1944.

The conditions began well, but the next day fog over England grounded large numbers of reinforcements, while over Germany and northern Holland, the weather cleared and allowed Luftwaffe to attack the invasion force.

Flying conditions continued to be bad for the next three days. By the time the weather cleared, ground operations were going seriously wrong. Many allied troops were running out of supplies whilst the Germans had rushed in reinforcements.

Finally the Allies had to retreat and Operation Market Garden failed, and with it the chance to end the war in 1944.

For the Dutch population that had expected liberation in occupied Holland, the bitterly cold winter that followed brought mass starvation.

Although the Allies had made mistakes in Operation Market Garden, if the fine weather had held on throughout the period, they would have stood a good chance of beating the Germans and driving into Germany, saving countless lives by a quick victory.

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by Andrew at 22:38 on 18th Sep 2004
Watch "A Bridge Too Far" (I've got it on video, although alas not on DVD yet [until I get some money])

   at 22:31 on Fri 17th September 2004
So I'm back up in Southwold again, this time for two three nights. For the first time ever, heading up here felt like coming home. I think it's just that I'm so exhausted with moving between hotel, friends houses, Southampton and Southwold. All the travelling and lack of time to relax has made me quite stressed and I'm getting more annoyed because I know there's no time for a final week with nothing to do before Uni starts up again. *sigh*

But what I wanted to say was on my train journey up to Southwold today, I had an hour and ten minutes to wait at Ipswich station, so I crossed the road and went into the pub opposite. To a nice pint of Adnams, I read todays paper. One small article really amused me and I wanted to share it with you...

City workers leap from St Paul's Cathedral down a zip line through tower blocks in the City of London during a promotion for the Winfield Trust. The charity aims to open centres to help people with scizophrenia and related conditions to learn computers and enter higher education.

I audibly chortled at the idea of a scizophrenic computer expert. Yes, you did, didn't you. We found it amusing that the voices would fight about the implementation of some code or perhaps there would be an internal fight to determine which enemy to kill first in some fast paced FPS action.

.....It was funnier at the time.

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   at 15:42 on Wed 15th September 2004
The story of Henry the Elephant. I've laughed so much to these and I'm so impressed, they needed to be shared....


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by Bon at 22:35 on 20th Sep 2004
Cute as fuck :D

   at 16:14 on Tue 14th September 2004
Every month, just after the rent for my University shared accomodation goes out, I check my account on Internet Banking. From my balance, I work out a budget for the month, calculating how much cash I can spend every day (at most).

Each month this can vary between 10 and anywhere up to 30. This month was a high month, I don't remember exactly how much my daily budget was, but I was quite happy, since I've been spending two weeks in Hitchin and I've been able to spend without worrying how much cash I have.

But I fucked up, quite badly. For some reason, my rent cheque cleared late this month and I did my calculations on 190 (reduced Summer rent) more than I should have. So I now have about 9.40 in my account for the rest of the month.

I shall just hack even futher into my student overdraft! But when it dawned on me, I got a real sense of financial stress, for one of the first times. I'd hate to be in huge debt all the time, I think I'd go mad! But anyway, it'll all be sorted next month, since I pre-paid my October rent months ago!

Yay. Go me!

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by Mac at 19:32 on 14th Sep 2004
Ever used proper internet savings? Any idea if they're any good?

by Andrew at 22:41 on 18th Sep 2004
This caught me out too last year. My cheques occasionally didn't clear until about the 15th of the month when they were dated 1st of the month and given to him several months earlier. I had the same problem if you remember.

   at 09:42 on Tue 14th September 2004
This probably certainly only makes sense to a small proportion of the worlds population, but I wish to share something I dislike about programming, about parenthesis in particular.

Now if I am changing the following line;

if ($flight['CostWithTax']) == $out['cost']) {
if (floatval($flight['CostWithTax']) == floatval($out['cost'])) {

..I obviously have the option of putting the extra bracket either in the red position or the green position...

...$out['cost']) {

Now if I were to put it in the green position, I would feel the code was wrong. It would haunt me and I would feel upset, possibly even shedding a tear or two. It's just so BAD to put the bracket there, since the bracket closing the if expression would be inside the bracket closing the floatval() function.

Therefore, every time, I -have- to put the closing parenthesis inside the existing bracket, at position red. Even if this means pressing a few more keys.

I'm curious, does anyone else have this problem?

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by Noctu at 13:07 on 14th Sep 2004

by Mac at 19:31 on 14th Sep 2004
Depends on my mood. If it's the start of the day, yes. By the end of the day, I will usually do just about anything, as long as the code compiles. None of the CSS I wrote today is even indented.

by 1086 at 22:52 on 15th Sep 2004
its funny, thinking about it i always put the additional closing parenthesis before the existing bracket without really realising until now that you have pointed it out, i don't think i've ever put it after the existing bracket.

   at 16:11 on Mon 13th September 2004
The whole of my lower left mouth and lip is totally numb. It feels as if my lip is the size of a plum and I'm helplessly dribbling all over my keyboard.

I haven't posted properly in quite some time now, which generally means one of two things. The first plausable reason is that I'm dead. This is highly unlikely, unless heaven contains some form of connection to the real worlds internet. The second reason I can think of is that I'm ok, not brilliant, not bad, just ok. The kind of mood where I'm not feeling emotional about anything bad or upsetting to post and similarly nothing is going so well that I really have to share it with you.

But still, this weekend it was Tobys birthday. We all went down to his home in Palestine to celebrate. One conversation I had there does warrant a mention here though. It was on the subject of religion, which is normally a pretty sore point with me.

But that conversation, along with my recent reading of the opening passages from the Bible, leads me to a new perspective on my belief in Science, and in this context I think Science deserves a capital letter.

My belief in Science is unquestionable, I believe that Science holds the answers to many things including explanations to many "miracles" of every day life. I find it gives me the answer and meaning to enough things for me to trust it and spend my time reading and learning about.

But why is this any different to believing in God and this "superior" being creating the Universe and everything it contains. Just because Science has formed a set of rules and regulations that I believe explain the existence of humans, why is that any more likely that the explanation that God used the dust of the earth to create man (stated in Genesis).

I've many times before got frustrated and quite probably offensive when I talk about how many relgious people try and preach their beliefs and convert people to their way of thinking. But it's only now that I see I'm being hypocritical by telling people that religion isn't everything and that Science is what we should have faith in.

I've never applied the logic that tells me it can be just as futile for me to try and persuade people about Science as it is for people to preach the teachings of God. The way I get upset at certain aspects of religion should be no more correct than the way religious people in the past have expressed their upset that I am disrespectful to God for not believing in him/her/it or that I disgrace humanity by drinking alcohol or having sex out of wedlock.

What I'm trying to say is I begin to see that the text books that sit on my shelf are no more of a correct explaination or set of beliefs than the Bible that sits on many other peoples shelves.

(Apologies for the poorly written post, I want to get this pattern of thinking I have down, but I think the anaesthetic from the dentist is possibly affecting my brain too!)

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by Bon at 22:57 on 15th Sep 2004
The whole of my lower left mouth and lip is totally numb. It feels as if my lip is the size of a plum


   at 15:24 on Wed 8th September 2004
The time span between leaving work and getting to sleep yesterday contained some rather bizzare events.

To begin with, whilst I was walking back to my hotel room, I ended up exchanging email addresses with a nice lady I'd never met before. She was lost and wanted to get to the station, so rather than direct her, I said "I'm actually going in that direction, so I shall walk you there.". We got talking and stuff. :-)

Then the kind kind lady in Tesco gave me an extra stuffing ball when I asked for two. She said that they were so expensive and she wouldn't even dream of paying that much for a stuffing ball wrapped in bacon. Therefore, why should I? Heh. Wonderful.

Then I also directed a foreigner to Matalan, and they understood exactly what I meant. Even though they didn't speak English. :-)

There were a few other things too, but yesterday was really cool. I liked it. But today, I'm all warm and not in the mood to do work. It's really thinky work, that horrible brain-mushing stuff. Oh well, must get on, deadlines and all that.

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by The Mad one at 23:12 on 12th Sep 2004
Where are u currently Mr Matthew? I have a few evenings free this week if you are around and still fancy that drink...?

Just wondering

Hope things are going ok with life and stuff. :) Im totally bored as Im all alone in such a "big" house..

Gem xx

by Matt at 16:12 on 13th Sep 2004
I won't be back until the weekend BEFORE 2nd October. I don't know the date of that weekend, but I know the 2nd is a Saturday because that's when I was -originally- getting back. Will call or something, I quite fancy going to the Hobbit. :D

by The Mad One at 00:22 on 14th Sep 2004
good, cos i could really do with a chat about a few things, I need another opinion and I think i can trust yours.. :)

by Matt at 09:22 on 14th Sep 2004
There's always the phone or MSN (during the day) if you need to talk. :D

Kill Bill
   at 02:30 on Sun 5th September 2004
I've watched both films this evening. Which was great. Watching them in one sitting was fun, the references between the two films really stood out. But that's not what I wanted to post about....

I had to watch these two excellent films to the noise of snogging, finger licking and general flirting. Fuck sake. (Little) Richard and I just wanted to watch the film!

Next time, guys, get your own place to have background films in. ;-)

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by Mac at 10:39 on 05th Sep 2004
Destroy all couples!

by (Evil) Rich at 11:13 on 05th Sep 2004
Hey, I was watching the film too.... Mostly ;) It's just hard to concentrate when your iPod might be wounded.

   at 21:15 on Sat 4th September 2004

I'm not sure whether it's caught on yet or not, but we've (Yes, I'm not alone in this madness), just discovered a Googlewhack on the google image search....

"anal tassels"

Finds just one result image. Requires SafeSearch turned off.

Here is the Whack.
Here is the image.


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by Mad_Gemma & Trebor at 00:39 on 05th Sep 2004
I think we beat you and your possie mister matthew -

we found


So suck on that (not literally) And ours wasnt an image search!! :p

hee hee

by Matt at 02:30 on 05th Sep 2004
lol and my possie? The possie are out, dude! Read my latest post!

iPod Killerz
   at 20:45 on Sat 4th September 2004
We just killed an iPod. Completely and utterly. As in it wouldn't even turn off.


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The Weather
   at 13:56 on Sat 4th September 2004
I wonder whether it's typical of British to talk about the weather in their blogs as it is whilst outside in the real world...

But I broke a sweat putting a load of washing onto the line. Now either I'm very unfit and should cease any alcoholic drinking to increase my health... or black jeans really aren't a good choice for this hot sun!

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   at 22:30 on Wed 1st September 2004
There was a priest and a businessman playing golf. The businessman is about to take a putt and he misses by a few inches. "bugger, that should have been easy!" he says. The priest replies "please, refrain from using that language. God doesn't like it." so the businessman goes to take his next putt and it misses by even more. "Fuck, that was bad! Missed again!" he says. The priest is annoyed this time and warns the businessman "look.... Seriously... God smites those who say things like that. Stop it." the businessman misses his next shot by even further and shouts "Fuck I missed again. That was crap. Fuck sake." suddenly, a bolt of lightening strikes the priest and he evaporates. A voice falls down from heaven and says "Fuck, i missed"

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