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Posts from 01st Jun 2004 to 30th Jun 2004.
Anger. Pure Anger.
   at 20:02 on Sat 26th June 2004

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by Matt at 20:13 on 26th Jun 2004
Oh, and he can't be sure he'll ever get custody of his son ever again. (He's been taken into care).

by KK at 00:55 on 27th Jun 2004
I can understand why the police questioned the father, because initially they wouldn't have known what took place, but after being told exactly what happened I really don't see why they had to give him a criminal record for child abuse.

The police don't seem capable of catching the real criminals, but the second you hit someone in self defence or drive at 70mph when the overhead motorway signs say 50 [even though the road is empty and conditions are perfect], you will be charged with assault or pulled over for speeding.

by Matt at 09:49 on 28th Jun 2004
The thing is, the police DID know. Social Services informed them and explained the situation. And that was AFTER Social Services had apologised to the father and said that they were at fault and admitted liability for the incident!

Home Sweet Home
   at 19:14 on Tue 22nd June 2004

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by KK at 14:47 on 25th Jun 2004
As you can see we've been reading your web logs for some time now, Mr Chapman. It seems that you have been living two lives...

In one life you’re Matthew J Chapman, student at the respectable University of Southampton; you have an NUS number, you pay your tuition fees and you help your housemates do their coursework...

The other life is lived in Southwold, where you dress in outrageously bright shirts and are guilty of virtually every fashion based crime we have a law for...

by Matt at 21:21 on 25th Jun 2004
rofl. Made me laugh out loud. All except that Southampton Uni isn't affliated with the NUS, therefore I don't have an NUS number... how about I give you the finger and you give me my pint.

by KK at 01:06 on 26th Jun 2004
Next time you're in the area (Hitchin/Reading) I'll buy you one :p

Imho the NUS membership is worth it for the 20% off you get at Pizza Hut alone :o)

There and Back Again...
   at 22:08 on Fri 18th June 2004

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by Mac at 09:20 on 19th Jun 2004
Hooray, you're alive! Sounds like an exciting few days. I bet you can guess what I've been doing with myself - yep, juggling and playing computer games. Life is good :D

by Clare at 10:27 on 19th Jun 2004
Yay indeed to your aliveness! And also to your general happiness - I'm really pleased. :) It does sound like you've had a great time!

All's good with me, had a pleasant time in Devon and am now having fun back in Soton. Oh, and IBM offered me Extreme Blue after all! I start full time work a week Monday - argh! :)

by Noctu at 23:30 on 20th Jun 2004
"Straight to sleep?"


by Matt at 19:06 on 22nd Jun 2004
Clare, congratulations. Sounds great. I wonder whether you'll be able to get back to Southampton for a drink sometime next week. I'm back on Wednesday.

And Tom. You naughty, suggestive boy. Tsk. :)

by Clare at 20:37 on 22nd Jun 2004
It's not far from Winchester to Soton... I'm in London a week Saturday, but should be in Soton on Sunday 4th at least! (Quick - to the pub!)

Enjoy the chilledness of home :)

A Early-Summers Evening
   at 22:53 on Mon 7th June 2004

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by Mac at 00:45 on 16th Jun 2004
*poke poke*

Post-exam Times
   at 20:03 on Sun 6th June 2004

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Adventurous Matt
   at 07:43 on Fri 4th June 2004

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Forty Two
   at 09:30 on Thu 3rd June 2004

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by Mac at 11:49 on 03rd Jun 2004
Long ago I decided that I was never going to have an answer to the big old why question, so I decided to stop trying to answer it. Read Sophie's World.
I have, however, decided that it is a pretty good idea to live your life with the intention of coming up with as many good stories to tell your grandchildren as possible.

by Clare at 16:59 on 03rd Jun 2004
Ooh, philosophical and stuff. Yeah, I've never found/figured out a convincing answer to the big old 'Why?'. It *would* be good if we had better cognitive abilities.

I guess all we're left with is to keep doing the things that make us happy. Which is what you're doing, so good. :)

Oh, and I think everyone goes through phases of thinking on stuff like this. So, sadly, you're still sane. :)

by Matt at 18:05 on 03rd Jun 2004
Thank you for your comforting words. :-)

by tamsin at 00:56 on 05th Jun 2004
if you think about the bigger picture of our universe it is impossible by our limited knowledge to even make sense of the fact that we/anything exists in the first place. you cant get something from nothing and even if there was nothing before us nothingness surely has to be something? i dont even want to think about it anymore so im just gonna keep going with the theory that we're not really here at all!

by Matt at 15:15 on 05th Jun 2004
I like that. We're not really here. Hehe. Trouble is, now that exams are over, I've no energy for all this thinking, I just need a couple of days to chill out. Oh... and you best <i>really</i> be there next weekend. :P

Harry Potter / Frustration
   at 22:38 on Wed 2nd June 2004

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by Mac at 23:01 on 02nd Jun 2004
You bought juggling balls! Woooo! Put them by your keyboard and you'll be juggling in no time, trust me :) Apparently the first years call me, Sina, and Luke Juggler 1, 2, and 3. Heh...

by Mac at 23:03 on 02nd Jun 2004
Oh yes, and HCI is/was toss, and I'm sick of all this too. I can't wait for Friday...

by Simon at 01:14 on 03rd Jun 2004
I didn't know you had a site! Woo Whoo now I dooO!

by Doden Gek at 02:02 on 03rd Jun 2004
The film did a fine job of getting the main storeline in, along with some nice visual effects. It's over 2 hours long already yet manages to keep the events flowing. I think adding in more from the book would make the film drag and take away what makes the books special.

by Matt at 09:34 on 03rd Jun 2004
Doden, I have to agree. The flow of the film is rather impressive. It most certainly didn't seem like I was sat there for that long. The subset of the book they used for the film, was indeed appropriate and well selected.

To the others, yes... 1 more day. 25 hours time from this post and I'll be writing the last bits of my final question. 26 hours time, pint in hand.