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Posts from 01st Jan 2004 to 31st Jan 2004.
   at 23:52 on Mon 26th January 2004
It is with great regret that I announce the perhaps death of my well-used and trusted Logitech cordless keyboard.

Unforunately after an evening viewing of "The Ring" in my room, I had forgotten the location on the carpet of which my keyboard lay, silent and still.

I knocked it!! I did it again!! For the second time in about 4 months I've drowned my keyboard in Fosters. I don't think it apprecaites it or finds it even midly amusing. It's sitting in the airing cupboard for a few days having a thorough dry.


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Exam Period
   at 23:44 on Mon 26th January 2004
Oh dear oh dear. The exam period. It's all well and good testing us about what we were supposed to learn over the past 12 weeks. You know, we are meant to get some kind of qualification whilst we're here at Uni, after all.

But, the thing that worrys me is that our lecturers and the staff at (at least Southampton) the Uni don't understand what we do. As far as I'm concerned, we're here at Uni to drink extensively and to do silly things.

In fact, the thing I was examined on today was partly about team work and the stages of social and political states that a team goes through in the professional computer sciences development proccess. And the first stage is getting to know people and learning about each other. The second stage is mostly about forming social groups and creating a social hierarchy and the best people getting those well-sought-after ledaership roles.

[Unfortunately I just lost 3 minutes of my life trying to work out the un-undo key combination in myIE2, my web browser, since I accidentally removed all of what I had typed so far, and in doing so I lost my train of thought]

What I think I was basically trying to say was that lecturers don't understand that University life is about socialising, meeting new people and having lots of kisses and the occasional sex.

What they don't get is that Education is just an excuse for us to have the whole idea of Uni. I think its down right unfair for them to give us exams, particularly in late January. For Christs sake, we've just got over our New Years hangovers. Its time to drink again!!

So, I give a request to all Universitys throughout this world... On behalf of every student ever to grace your establishments... EXAMS ARE SHIT.

However, its probably time (considering its nearly midnight) to have a practise on my new drum kit! Here's to the looming end of the exam period and the punishment of the liver that will shortly follow!

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New Year
   at 02:18 on Wed 7th January 2004
Dear god, last year went rather quickly. It seems only yesterday that we had millenium celebrations. Well, perhaps a few yesterdays, but it doesn't seem like 4 full years.

New Year was good for me. I got the train from Southwold to my old home town of Hitchin to be with friends. I mean no offense to the family, and I'm sure other like minded people will agree, but when you're lingering on a prestigious moment such as celebrating your life as you enter yet another year, parents aren't the -best- company.

We had much fun and a few drunken games of Dance Dance Revolution. But there was this really strange bloke. He was scottish. He was flirting with everyone and reading everyones body language and being far too open for his own good. A little encroching, perhaps. And oh dear, he was flirting with me. [In fact... Shit. The memory floods back. He gave me a peck on the lips. *trundles off to cry*].

We ended our night with a rather deep conversation on religion and how silly a thing it is to believe in. But thats one of my opinions for another day.

Anyhow, I've added a couple of bits to the site. Like being able to view a single "article" at once, for easy sending links around. And also added buttons on the left to allow you to scroll through posts by months. (Thanks to Yam from NetGamers for the ideas).

To wrap up (Since it -is- Winter)... Happy New Year to you all, and I hope you're getting the Easter Eggs in.


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