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Posts from 01st Nov 2003 to 30th Nov 2003.
Long time....
   at 23:25 on Sun 30th November 2003
Its been a while since I last posted.

To start with, the Virgin "do" was fantastic. One of the highlights was "dancing" on the edge of the mosh pit and having someone come up to fill my glass of chapagne. How wonderful for a student!!. As for the first showing of their new Upper Class seats, they are SO spacious and SO comfortable. If you're flying anywhere long-distance, Virgin -do- seem quite good.

As for me... I had my parents down last weekend, soon after my last blog entry. It was lovely to see them, probably the most relieved I've been to have them around in my life. so much stress and crap I've been feeling and I could talk about it with people who really know me.

I think my Mum gave me the best advice ever. She told me that University probably only served one purpose and that was it allowed people promoting from childhood into adulthood a chance to find themselves. She told me not to worry about my degree, just to shape myself for the rest of my life and make the mistakes I have to make before I leave.

Wonderful, I say.

And since then, I've been admitting to myself things I'd normally shove straight to my subconscience. I've been thinking far too much for a student brain.

I have however, not stuck to my lack of alcohol idea. However, I'm pleased to think that when ever I've been drinking, my behaviour and conversation has been at the front of my mind all the time. I've made a few slipups which I admit to myself, but I am conscious of who I am being and what I'm doing, which is far more than I was doing.

On a lighter note, I can't remember if I said in the blog that Andrew and I lost in the quiz last weekend, last Sunday. But today, we came 10th (out of 17 teams). Much better than before. But that was probably because we had Julian, Chris and Richard housemates along with us.

The only real weight I feel on my shoulders today is the amount of coursework I need to complete this week. And all with the temptation of a newly installed copy of Battlefield 1942.

Heres hoping to a few days of productive coding and early mornings, and perhaps to top it all and shine my halo, a 100% lecture attendance this week.

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by Matt at 21:21 on 04th Mar 2004

I've been thinking...
   at 12:15 on Thu 20th November 2003
I used to be a nice person. But recently, I've been acting like a child, causing problems, offending people, being a right twat, really.

I don't know totally why, but its been like this for a while. The past couple of weeks, I've really been thinking a lot. I've realised that I'm bored of computers and Computer Science.

Before University, computers where my hobby. They're now my hobby, job and degree and its all too much. They're not fun anymore.

I think its this bordom in life that's slowly made me drop my politeness and thoughtfullness. Whether it is or not, I'm not particularly bothered.

What does matter is that I want to put things right again, get back on track and get the old me back.

One of the reasons for this spate of crap from me, I'm guessing, is the level of alcohol I drink. When I drink less over the holidays, it scares me that I crave a pint even now and again.

So that's gone, as a starter. With my mind sober all the time, I can concentrate on working out whats changing me and put a stop to it.

I'm also really, warm heartedly, sorry for all the offence I have caused. If I were to list everyone I've pissed off, the list would be too long. But at the recent ievent;

I'm sorry Dan, the insults to PA and to your job were based on rubbish from this trip I'm on at the moment. Please don't take it personally, I do think you're doing a fantastic job, arguably the best things PA's had in its recent years.

Andrew, apologies to you too, being an annoying cunt in the car, being generally drunk and disorderly and especially pissing you off with the ketchup stunt. I'm not impressed with it at all.

Clare, I'm sorry to you too about the conversation we had about a certain little lady. Please understand aswell that I'm not really speaking my mind at the moment.

And to everyone in general, apologies for being the temorary -me-.

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   at 16:47 on Wed 19th November 2003
I had my suit dry cleaned for this evening, as I said in my last post. I decided that, in true Kloopy style, I would wear a bright shirt.

Bashar and A2 are the comic geniouses here..

The Future is Bright, The Future is Kloopy

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Its already midweek.
   at 14:32 on Wed 19th November 2003
This week seems to be flying past for some reason, which makes a nice change.

Last night four of us watched the newly released Two Towers Extended Edition. All I can say is that its yet another fabulous piece of directing and editing by Jackson. The new scenes tell so much to those of us who haven't read the books. Its well worth either buying or popping round to a friends to watch.

Tonight I'm off up to London. I'm Laura's guest at the opening of the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Suite. Free food and drink, and an evening of poshness. Sounds like good fun, and I get to see Laura again, \o/.

As for an update...
137,114 - 6.24Gb
I wonder how long until we reach 2 full DVDs? I'll leave it running this evening, actually.

Which reminds me, I must get motivated and get into Portswood to pickup my suit from the dry cleaners. Just where -is- my receipt...

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Union Quiz
   at 23:24 on Sun 16th November 2003
After a major storm, b15 was renamed b15a and b15j. What does this mean and what happened?
(The worlds largest ice-berg split in two)

A tour company in Canada offers a two day course in what?
(Igloo building)

In America a more extreme version of Pop Idol has just been launched, what is it called?
(Porn Idol)

..... Its no wonder A2 and I came second to last in this weeks quiz. After a disapointing turn out, Andrew and I managed to answer just sixteen of fifty questions correctly. I think we deserve a round of applause. We were the only team to get the Igloo question right.

Not a bad night. I'm off to get some bacon and egg sandwiches to celebrate with A2 himself. I hope I've brought to you some useful information this evening...

Oh, and what is the most common sexual fetish in the Western world?
(Shoe Sniffing)

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by Matt at 16:20 on 18th Nov 2005

by Matt at 16:21 on 18th Nov 2005

   at 17:27 on Sun 16th November 2003
This weekend wasn't too bad. Was a bit boring in places but still fun none the less. Unfortunately we didn't do as well in the quiz this time, on Saturday night. We can 6th rather than our usual(?) 3rd. That was probably due to the level of cheating other teams were doing though.

Swimming at the Hilton was nice. Its good to give the body a shock once in a while. Jumping between the pool and the hot tub did that for me. Bloody warm, it was. Fairly sobering, too.

I really need to keep a track on how much I drink, it can't be a healthy level. Well, perhaps I can start tonight at the Union Pub Quiz. Perhaps we'll come better than 6th.

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And an update, one minute later
   at 19:22 on Sat 15th November 2003
We've just been on the phone to Brick. They will be here, on the top floor of the event in precisely 30 minutes, half an hour. I belive that means Brick is not to do CH live. Tsk. And to think I came here for Brick only. I feel cheated. I'm off to sleep.

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   at 19:19 on Sat 15th November 2003
And the time on the server is quite updated. It is -actually- well after Bricks designated start time. Slow [Cunt - Noctu]

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Live from i18
   at 18:56 on Sat 15th November 2003
Its moments before MrBrick embarks on his live Creators Hour. We're all excited here on this table behind the big screen. We're all anticipating the pub quiz, we're all ready. Ready to win first prize.

Daaave and his golden tapestry will not settle for any less this time.

As for timing, the quiz starts at 8pm. If I am mistaken, CH always is an hour long, and an hour from now is well into the quiz. I think MrBrick is late.

[The Cunt - Noctu]

If anyone has his number, phone him and hurry him up. This CH is quite likely to follow usual PA protocol and be rather late and rather short.

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Daily Update
   at 09:49 on Sat 15th November 2003
And the current count, before we head off for day two at i18 is as follows;

1.5 Gb

I wonder if a) my housemate and b) our ISP will be impressed as I am.

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   at 13:28 on Fri 14th November 2003
After finishing another coursework this week with my SEG group, I'm off to i18 with the PA crowd.

Best tidy my room before Noctu gets here and we get our lift up to Newbury. I hope Richards car can handle the amount of alcohol in it that we plan to take.

Looking forward to a weekend of madness.

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Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956)
   at 00:32 on Fri 7th November 2003
Do not fear death so much, but rather the inadequate life.

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