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Posts from 01st Oct 2003 to 31st Oct 2003.
   at 14:43 on Fri 24th October 2003
On a lighter note...

Does anyone want anything from France? A2/Andrew and I are off for no particular good reason. Food/alcohol shopping and a little bit of sightseeing in Cherbourg. It seems like a rather non-tourist place. But we should see Utah beech from a few dozen kilometers away.

Oh, and my Databases course doesn't even touch on indexing. Why do they teach us everything so slowly? :-(

Andrew, chop chop getting home, we have tea to eat and a ferry to catch. See you in a bit, Clare.

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   at 23:00 on Wed 22nd October 2003
Its shit when you cause incredible pain to a friend of yours. Its stressful and upsetting. You wonder why and try to expliain something that has no conscience and sensible explanation. You can feel the constant throbbing of stress in your veins, your face is constantly on edge of shedding tears, you can't think of anything else.

It makes you think, twenty four seven. You can't concentrate on anything whilst awake, you can't dream anything but a better outcome to the recent events. It makes you think about life in general. It makes you see some sort of sense, it instills a sense of fear that you are taking for granted some things in life that should be appreciated.

Friendship is one of those things. Friendships are stable and fragile at the same time. You can be confortable with one, but its so easy to fuck up. I wish I hadn't had required something so big to bring all this to the front of my mind, and I wish I could turn the clock back and be more respectful.

I'm so sorry for the shit I've caused, and if I have no way of repairing the hurt I've caused, I still hope I'll never forget what a fool I've been.

And for Chists sake... when ever you're in one of these moods, don't drink as much as I have and babble. I wish there was an alternative to the word sorry that actually showed you meant it.

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