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Spiderman 2
   at 17:08 on Wed 7th July 2004

Four comments
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by Stuart at 20:51 on 07th Jul 2004
I was looking forward to seeing that film, and now I've been somewhat put off. However, after what you said about HP3 (which imho was a good film) I think I'll go see it anyway and make up my own mind :p

by Matt at 01:07 on 08th Jul 2004
rofl. Probably a wise idea. Although I didn't think HP3 was anywhere near as tedious and emotionally pathetic as Spiderman 2. Don't get me wrong. It's not a completely bad film, it's just nowhere near the levels we've experienced recently from films such as LOTR, Matrix, Michael Moore, etc. I was just giving the reasons that it ranks so low on my ranking of films I've watched.

Interestingly, I downloaded a spoof of Spiderman 2 created in Lego. It is absolutely amazing. It uses the special Spiderman bricks that have been released and the short film (which doesn't follow the film particularly) it absolutely outstanding. I'd rather watch those 4 minutes of Lego than watch the box office film again.

by Yam at 13:14 on 08th Jul 2004

by KillKrazy at 21:12 on 09th Jul 2004
Agreed it has lots of cheesy moments, but it is based on a comic after all. Imho the bad guy was way better than in the 1st film and overall I thought it was good entertainment.

As for the realism of the ending... tbh I couldn't care less, if I wanted realism in a film I'll go watch Schindler's List or Jurrassic Park.

LOTR Rant: The 3rd film was so similar to the 2nd yet managed to last a good 6 hrs (we watched the special deluxe gay hobbit collectors masturbatory fantasy edition) and then it 'ends' a good 172 different times (yawn). Don't even get me started on the whole "it's getting harder" "let me hold it for you" dialogues...