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Second Year Results
   at 23:25 on Mon 5th July 2004

Three comments
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by Stuart at 00:42 on 06th Jul 2004
I thought there'd been a mix up when I saw my results this year. I was expecting a retake or two, yet I got AAABCC - which I'm v.happy with! I don't have an overall percentage mark yet, but its prolly also just under 70.

I'm sure both of us have the ability and potential to get a first next year (as an overall result), but we just need to focus on the big picture and not let the little things get to us...

by Clare at 09:07 on 06th Jul 2004
I entirely sympathise with your pissed-offness! All I can offer is the thought that the second year *is* different, and for the most part more challenging than the first year. Also, you did DAMN well anyway! So I guess just be pleased about that - the work you put in *will* have made a difference; to your results, but to your understanding as well.

Perhaps you can get further info on the Comms and Nets result - find your coursework mark etc.?

Oh, also I didn't rudely ignore your text on Sunday - I replied, but only saw on Monday the "Message not sent" thing. Doh!

by Mac at 21:28 on 06th Jul 2004
Well shit me. You'd better have the right mark cos mine's better :P I got 69.5% this semester giving me a 69.6% average. Still on that first border...
I wasn't told that it might be your mark. Why don't they put our full initials on there?
Incidently, I seem to have 2 student numbers, as well, which is very exciting. Although one of them coudl be you.

I like fire. Sexy new comment code by the way - like the dropdownyness.