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Forty Two
   at 09:30 on Thu 3rd June 2004

Five comments
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by Mac at 11:49 on 03rd Jun 2004
Long ago I decided that I was never going to have an answer to the big old why question, so I decided to stop trying to answer it. Read Sophie's World.
I have, however, decided that it is a pretty good idea to live your life with the intention of coming up with as many good stories to tell your grandchildren as possible.

by Clare at 16:59 on 03rd Jun 2004
Ooh, philosophical and stuff. Yeah, I've never found/figured out a convincing answer to the big old 'Why?'. It *would* be good if we had better cognitive abilities.

I guess all we're left with is to keep doing the things that make us happy. Which is what you're doing, so good. :)

Oh, and I think everyone goes through phases of thinking on stuff like this. So, sadly, you're still sane. :)

by Matt at 18:05 on 03rd Jun 2004
Thank you for your comforting words. :-)

by tamsin at 00:56 on 05th Jun 2004
if you think about the bigger picture of our universe it is impossible by our limited knowledge to even make sense of the fact that we/anything exists in the first place. you cant get something from nothing and even if there was nothing before us nothingness surely has to be something? i dont even want to think about it anymore so im just gonna keep going with the theory that we're not really here at all!

by Matt at 15:15 on 05th Jun 2004
I like that. We're not really here. Hehe. Trouble is, now that exams are over, I've no energy for all this thinking, I just need a couple of days to chill out. Oh... and you best <i>really</i> be there next weekend. :P