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Harry Potter / Frustration
   at 22:38 on Wed 2nd June 2004

Five comments
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by Mac at 23:01 on 02nd Jun 2004
You bought juggling balls! Woooo! Put them by your keyboard and you'll be juggling in no time, trust me :) Apparently the first years call me, Sina, and Luke Juggler 1, 2, and 3. Heh...

by Mac at 23:03 on 02nd Jun 2004
Oh yes, and HCI is/was toss, and I'm sick of all this too. I can't wait for Friday...

by Simon at 01:14 on 03rd Jun 2004
I didn't know you had a site! Woo Whoo now I dooO!

by Doden Gek at 02:02 on 03rd Jun 2004
The film did a fine job of getting the main storeline in, along with some nice visual effects. It's over 2 hours long already yet manages to keep the events flowing. I think adding in more from the book would make the film drag and take away what makes the books special.

by Matt at 09:34 on 03rd Jun 2004
Doden, I have to agree. The flow of the film is rather impressive. It most certainly didn't seem like I was sat there for that long. The subset of the book they used for the film, was indeed appropriate and well selected.

To the others, yes... 1 more day. 25 hours time from this post and I'll be writing the last bits of my final question. 26 hours time, pint in hand.